Ziggy Thunder Review of  Leggins, Booty Huggers, Ass Displayer & LIFE-Saver!  How Leggins Saved My Wardrobe!

Ziggy Thunder

Hey ladies!  Ziggy Thunder here to talk about Leggins!  Now here’s an easy question for you… How many of my ladies out there have a pair of plain black leggins in your closet at home?  I heard all of you scream “ME!!!” and laugh hysterically, because every woman in the entire world owns one of the most commonly used articles of clothing ever (and if they don’t, they should)!

Where are you going today?  What’s on the agenda hot stuff?  Bringing the kids to school?  Running a few errands, heading to work, and a dinner party later on in the evening?  That’s about four different outfits right there in one day!  But why does it have to be so difficult to figure out what you’re going to wear?  With the right accessories and shoes, you can use one simple piece of clothing as the base and turn it into four stylish outfits with the snap of a finger.

For example… with one black pair of leggins, this is how I would have you rock it:  Bringing the kids to school is simple…  Leggins, hoodie, sneakers/uggs.  You can wear the same thing to run those errands.  That’s simple stuff.  No biggie!  When it’s time for work, take off the hoodie and put a nice dressy/conservative blouse on with the leggins (long enough to cover your boldasious butt) and change your shoes to some cute flats or even wedges if you want to feel a little cute that day!  And at night for the dinner party, just change into some heels, add some daring bright lipstick, and a few bracelets.  Look how easy, you’re all set!

Leggins have become the general run-to outfit, because they literally go with any and EVERY thing!  Dress em’ down or dress em’ up… you are in control of your look with these cute and easy bottoms!  They can be classy, sexy, sporty, casual, fun oh so FABULOUS!

Don’t think you’re off the hook ladies, leggins are easy… but there’s a few rules when it comes to wearing these stylish and quick gems.  Do not, I repeat do NOT wear granny panties with leggins.  If you do, I will hunt you down and rip them off your crotch!  Thongs or no show underwear ONLY!  There’s nothing tackier than a woman out in public, with a big ole’ booty, and panty lines. Panty lines are a NO NO!  They are NOT cool!  They are NOT an option!  Never let the panty lines show.  No-show underwears are okay, but again, if possible, always wear a thong when wearing leggins.

Also, get the appropriate size of leggins. One size fits all is BULL$#!*!!!  A 5’4 115lb girl should not be wearing the same size leggins as a 5’11 205lb woman. It’s just not okay!  Be comfortable with your size and rock that 2x or Xtra-Small. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your body’s natural size.  We are ALL beautiful!

Leggins are exceptionally cheap and they can last a very long time!  I love Forever 21’s leggins, they’re like $4.80 and long lasting!  I also like Burlington Coat Factorty’s leggins as well.  Leggins, like every other type of clothing product, come in many patterns and colors.  I have tons of leggins in every color and style.  Blue ones, skullz, polka dots, etc.  You name it, I’ve got it!  Rock the patterns and colors that make you feel confident and sexy.

If you haven’t invested in a pair of leggins, STOP what you’re doing and run to the store RIGHT now and purchase some (well, after you read this article).  I’m telling you now, that will be the best investment in your booty-licious life.  They come in handy and are so affordable!  Your butt will thank you… Trust me girl, this is something every woman should have in their closet.  And remember, you can never have too many!

Stay Beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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