How to Clean Out Your Closet, Get Rid of Old Clothes, and Create a New Personal Image…

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This is some of the Content you will find in in my Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS video lectures and Bev Knox Personal Image Boot Camp.

Cleaning out your Closet (excerpts from Unleashing the Well Balanced Diva in YOU! by Bev Knox, Ph.D.)

First things first!  The Cleaning Out and The Making of YOUR Diva-closet!  “People often miss one very important piece of the puzzle, to let something new in, you have to release the old.  Think of it as cleaning out your psychological closet by letting go of what’s old”(Sarris, 2000).

Go through your clothes and donate anything you know you won’t wear again.  Donate them to your younger sister, cousin, your best friend’s baby daddy’s mama, The Salvation Army, or to your church. You can even sell them to a consignment shop, whatever! Just get them out of your closet and out of your life!   Sometimes it can be difficult to part with old favorites, especially if a particular piece of clothing has sentimental value… —you know, like the little blue Gap dress…uhhhh!!

The general rule of thumb should be if you haven’t worn that outfit in two years, you’re not going to wear it.  If your butt hasn’t shrunk in the 10 years of being on that diet, and it still can’t fit into your favorite jeans, get rid of it!  If that really expensive dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding, makes you look like an old hag, get rid of it!  If the color purple, really, really, isn’t your color, Girl—get rid of everything in your closet that is purple!

Now that the moving van has left your driveway with all of your old clothes, it is time to get down to business. Evaluate your closet and make an inventory list of all your clothes.  All fabulous Divas know exactly what is in their closets.  You will need to categorize your clothing in the following areas: church clothes (conservative yet stylish); work clothes (business casual yet stylish); play clothes (trendy yet stylish); hoochie-wear (ok not really hoochie, but sexy… you know, for that once a month club night), athletic wear (sporty yet stylish), and sleep wear (mixed, some cotton tights and tank-tops, extra thin Yoga pants, bottie cotton shorts, some sexy silks… yet stylish).

This Exercise is a Step-by-Step Detailed Review Included in our Video Lectures.

Next, please view all of your fashion images in your journal to see exactly what type of clothing style YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF will enjoy wearing.   This will generally indicate what kind of clothes you need to buy, and how many pieces in each category you will need. Make a list of clothes that you will need for each category placing the estimated cost of each item in a separate column on the same page. Just pretend that you are making your grocery store list.

Here are some “must haves” to add to your list: Double breasted jacket – solid dark color; Short & long stylish jackets, chosen to complement your body type and height; Slim skirts with no pockets (one ankle length); Trousers and pantsuits – flattering and fashionable for every occasion; 3 pairs of jeans (a dark, faded and a ripped, one must be made from a stretchable material— great butt appeal ), fashion socks —always wear designer socks (never large sport socks), black lace push up bra (a must have).   Classic fashion pumps with 1” to 1 1/2” heels in black and brownish/tan; and a GREAT heeled boot, that can transform any outfit into a Diva-licious dream come true.  Click HERE for more Information on Registering for Bev Knox Video Lectures.

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Ziggy Thunder: Stop Telling Everybody Your Damn Business!

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I had this friend once, and she was known for telling the WORLD her business..and others’ as well!  It was horrible.  The first sentence out of her mouth would be about her latest man-candy and her financial struggles.

And she wouldn’t just bitch to me or her other close friends, but she would put her business on Facebook, or tell anyone who was dumb enough to listen.  Facebook status’s and pictures about who she was screwing that week, and gossiping about who was a better lover or who took her out on the best date.

It was crazy!  And it wasn’t all!  Eventually, she became the kind of girl who you could know her entire life just by looking at her Facebook wall. And people started pre-judging her, calling her a hoe or a trouble maker. The list went on and on. It wasn’t cute!

If you’re one of those girls that absolutely LOVE to tell your business, let me start off by first saying STOP!  Don’t tell people your every move.  That’s rule #1!!  Your business is your business for a reason!

I remember one time I was talking to one of my friends about attending bar tending school, and that I was going to sign up as soon as I got the idea pass my dad! She smiled and thought it was a brilliant idea! Apparently a little too brilliant because the next day she was signed up and ready to start at the SAME SCHOOL!

I was furious!  But, it was my fault. NEVER tell people your every move… because life can sometimes feel like a competition… and you don’t want to fall short by telling someone else your detailed plan.  Your plan needs to STAY your plan, so keep it to yourself until it goes all the way through!  Trust me ladies, you’ll thank me later!

It’s hard to NOT talk about stuff that’s going on in your life, you need to vent about your downfalls and glorify your achievements.. BUT, that’s what diaries are for, and dogs.  Find another outlet, because telling the world your business is a quick way to NOT get ahead.

Trust me, keeping your business to yourself will be the most beneficial thing you can do to keep your life drama and worry free!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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How to Get from Here to There. Your Journey to YOUR Most FABULOUS Self. Step-by-Step Guide by Bev Knox, Ph.D.

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This article will help you unleash YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF. You will transfer failure into opportunity, sadness into hope, chaos into balance, hate into forgiveness, and uncertainty into destiny. Hey, if you don’t take this chance, this risk, you will never know what it feels like to be you… —and appreciate you, for being you.


Your Mind Power is the art of training your mind to work with your subconscious mind to create the life you want.  Developing Mind Power is a practice that requires consistency and commitment.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. —Napoleon Hill

The following section is about visualization, affirmation and inspirational thought.

What would the perfect YOU look like?  Can you imagine her?  Look deep within.  YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF is there.  She is there upon the throne of inner-Reality waiting patiently for you to wake from the dream of non-reality. If you can conjure the image of her in your mind, you can be YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF! For this YOU were created by God, Your Highness.

Creative visualization miraculously manifests the life God has created for you and the life you desire if you know how to use it. Using it is simple. Creative visualization is the practice of implementing imagination, mind over matter techniques, affirmations, etc., to create your own reality. Using it in conjunction with a rich prayer life is tremendously POWERFUL! Everything in your life today was brought into being through your personal power, magnetism, thoughts, words and imaginings.   You may or may not have been consciously aware of the process, but you have already created your own reality.

You are FABULOUS!  So BE FABULOUS!  Thoughts are real.  What exists, exists first in the heart, soul and mind. The entire Universe began as a thought in the mind of God.  By creating and affirming a clear picture of your crowned-self in your mind, you can quite literally make your dreams into realities.  You possess the inherent inner power to create wealth, health, love and virtually any and everything you desire in your life.  Did you know that the secular world is heavily invested in your never discovering your true identity?  It wants you to read these words and doubt.

You must be bold, stubborn, and defiant in the face of negation. This world may hate you. God adores you. Laws of Attraction are Always in Place in the Universe. This power does not involve force or obsession. It is a free-flowing and natural process. One need only visualize, affirm, then let go of their attachment to the thing desired. Let it go, and it will come. Masters of creative visualization teach that if you simply see yourself as rich, not only will you be rich; you are rich.

You can Visualize the YOU you Desire!  You can visualize yourself into being more beautiful than women like Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, Catherine Zeta Jones or Janet Jackson.  You can manifest the man of your dreams by simply visualizing him into your life.   Imagine conjuring up your own personal Denzel, Clooney or Brad.

Through the resplendent power of creative visualization you can do, have and be anything you desire.   Do you really believe that?  One of the basic tenets of the Bible; “As a (wo)man thinketh, so shall (s)he be.” There are many teachings on variations of the belief that our thoughts create our reality.  Creative visualization is a grand and delightful extension of that universal precept in action.  Whenever we decide and set our intentions in this way, all the powers of the Universe converge to support us.  If God and the Universe are on your side it does not matter who or what stands against you.

Creative visualization can be done with a friend or a group; whichever appeals to you.  Creative visualization does require discipline though.  The buddy system is simply a good way to help beginners stay motivated and focused. If you have positive people in your life who share your desire to live wholly, practicing creative visualization with them can be a truly profound experience.  Your lives will change.  A good friend can often be the source of great healing and support in one’s life.  If you do not have this type of support, that is fine.  You always have REAL support.  You have YOU.  You have the Universe. You have God. You have all you need to succeed!

If you are not truly tired of the way things are, you will play with the idea of creative visualization for a time, leave it behind and go on with things as they have always been. In so doing, you will still be creating your own reality. If that is what you create, be at peace with it.   Be at peace with your current state.   It is ultimately what you want.

If you are ready, creative visualization will be just the tool you have been waiting to find.  You will take it seriously. You will commit.  You will practice creative visualization on a daily basis. Your life will change.  Creative visualization works! The power of creative visualization will sincerely help you to find YOU.  By discovering the real YOU— YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF.  And you shall fulfill your greatest desires.  Click Here for More Information on my Video Lectures and Coaching.

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Ziggy Thunder: Top 5 Things that STRESS WOMEN OUT! Learn the Categories of YOUR Stress…

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What stresses you out to the max!?  What can bring you from a two to a ten in a heart beat??  I wanna know! Like me, I’m sure your list goes on and on!  Are you constantly stressed over other peoples drama, and their situations that have nothing to do with you?  Me too!

Are you stressed out all the time when you have to pay your BILLS!  Me too!  I hate spending money, so I only do it when I have too.  So, you don’t like to pay your car insurance, credit cards or phone bill every month… but rather you spend your money on clothes with the quickness?!  That’s backwards, so STOP it!

There are a shit load of things that can stress us women out, and I’m going to talk about what I think the top five are!  If you agree with me, shout out to you!  And if you don’t, feel free to email me with some of your ideas!  I’m can’t wait to hear about them!

1)  Work!  Work can be a HUGE factor of stress.  You spend a majority of your life there, and things can get pretty overwhelming.  If a person doesn’t like their job, has problems with other coworkers or hates their boss, it can suck! It can really suck!

2)  Lack of MONEY $$!  Having very little to no money is HARD! You work all week just to end up spending it all on bills to keep your lights on and food in your fridge.  It sucks!   Not having enough money can be stressful, because you really do need money to do almost everything now a days.

3)  Your Health.  Being sick, being overweight, or dealing with someone else who is sick, can be extremely stressful. Having to deal with this is difficult, especially because it’s mostly unexpected and hard to get rid of!

4)  Personal Relationships. Dealing with a stupid ass boyfriend or girlfriend (or just a friend) can be SOO stressful.  You’re busy worrying about your own shitty issues, and now you have to deal with someone else’s drama as well. It can suck, and it can play a HUGE part on your stress factor!

5)  Thinking too much into things!  Thinking too much into your personal life and  other things can play a HUGE factor when it comes to being stressed. You wouldn’t even be stressed if you didn’t think about half the things that go through your mind. Stop thinking so much into things that you have no control over!

Thats it!  Watch Bev’s video on STRESS…

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: How to tell YOUR Parents YOU are GAY! Coming Out to Homophobic People can be SCARY.

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Okay so I have this friend, and he is gay.  He’s the cutest cutie Mc Hottie ever!   Did I mention that he is HOT!  He is 23 y/o and has been with his boyfriend for almost a year now!   But in his parents eyes, that’s just his “best friend.” His parents have no idea that he is gay.  I mean, he dated girls in high school and being so amazingly handsome, he was never without arm-candy.

Poor Andy (names have been changed) is terrified to tell his parents that he is openly gay and seeing a man.   He is scared of rejection, he is scared of judgment, and he is scared of what they might say about him.  But mostly, he is deathly afraid of coming out to his parents, in fear that they will disown him.

I have tried to encourage Andy to be honest with his family… I let him know how much he is loved by me and all of our friends. I say to him all the time, you are YOU! And there’s nothing wrong with YOU!  You are beautiful the way you are, and you should be able to be yourself no matter what!  I love Andy for him, and I’m sure that if he told his parents, they would feel the same way!

When coming out to your parents or other potentially judgmental people, it’s best to honestly leave as much details out as possible (well, at first). If you have parents who are open minded, who will welcome you and your new boo of the same sex with welcoming arms, then you should probably just be up front with them. F-it!

But, if your parents are either very religious, very conservative, old-school, closed minded, homophobic, nice smart people that don’t like gays because they think that being gay is a choice and you can be cured from your gay-ness… basically if they are non accepting, watch how you approach the subject with them. Don’t walk up to your conservative ass mother and blurt out “MA I’m SCREWING THE GARDENER!!!” Just stop!

There’s a way to go about every situation, and I’m telling you. Shuttle-ness is key.  Be yourself YES, and talk to them in an intelligent manner.  Also, make sure that you’re absolutely ready to deal with the consequences that come along with telling certain people this type of information.  You may not get the response you are looking for. I understand it can be hard, but at the end of the day, your happiness is worth it! Knowing that you are living YOUR life the way YOU are, FREE and HAPPY! You’ll thank me later!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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