Become Your Own Superhero! Save Yourself…

Stop waiting for some figment (Superman, Batman, Prince Charming, Knight in Shinning Armour, The Godfather, etc.) to come and save you from yourself, your problems and woes of life.  Stop looking around the corner, over your shoulder, checking your cell phone 50x per day, just STOP it! He is NOT coming!

Whoever put that notion in your head, lied to you. I know they told you since your early childhood that you were a princess and your prince will soon come to rescue you. They told you to keep waiting and he will come. They lied! They told you the same type of brainwashing story that was told to them when they were young.

They used the lie as a form of pacification to create a helpless damsel all the while suppressing who you really are, a creative and talented woman. A woman who can think. A woman who is capable of becoming anything she wants to be. A completely fulfilled woman who is mature both mentally and emotionally. A well-balanced woman who will compliment her well-balanced man.

You are not a victim, stop seeing yourself as one. You may be down-and-out right now but this chapter in your life won’t last forever.   It should be viewed as a learning tool that will only make you stronger. It will help propel you to the next level in your life. You have to view it as such or else you will get stuck in “damsel mode.”

Look through the nonsense, because after the storm comes the sunshine. You have to make the decision that you want to change your life for the better and take action in doing so. Visualize who and what you want to become. What type of lifestyle you want to live. Set goals to complete all aspects of your vision and then create a plan on how to obtain those goals.

You may need a coach or some personal development training to get you focused and ready to make that next move in your life. Take a look at our free resources that will start you on your journey.

You have got to become your own Superhero. You have got to save and rescue yourself.   You have got to be the one putting forth the effort to changing your life and becoming an overall better person. You have to do this for you. Nobody else can do it for you. You can do it! Start right now…

Thanks Bev

Changing Your Mindset is the #1 Way to Start Living a GOOD Life! Life is GOOD!


Life often comes with its constant challenges: money, relationships, job issues. However, one thing always remains the same: LIFE IS GOOD. That’s right! No matter what you’re going through life is good. Seeing how great life is requires constant positive thinking and it’s not that hard. You make the choice to believe life is good. Changing your mindset is the #1 way to change your life.

One of the best ways to change that pessimistic attitude to optimistic is to be grateful for the things in you life. Become excited about the people that love you, the home you have   and the health you posses.

Are you saying: but I don’t have those things. I can’t pay my rent, my relationships aren’t working or my health is failing me. While all of those things can get you down positive thinking can honestly, turn things around. The more positive you think, the more you’ll strive to make positive changes in your life. It’s been seen many times that optimistic thinking has known to elevate people’s health and dramatically improve their love life.

It’s important that you get excited about what you have going on in your life right now and in the future. Life is so unpredictable which means that amazing and exciting things can happen at anytime!

You’re never to old or too young to be excited about your life. When you believe that your life is good so does everyone round you! You glow with a new brightness that spreads to other people and changes the world around you one step at a time.

No matter what you need to remember everyday that: life is good!

Why Not to Date While in Dr. Bev Knox 30-Day Relationship Detox


Some clients of Dr. Bev Knox are wondering why does she want you to stop dating while you’re taking her 30-day relationship detox. After all, she’s teaching me all of these new and interesting dating tips, why would I not want to try them out?

Well, because you’ll have plenty of chances to try out the amazing dating tips Dr. Bev will pass on to you. The time you spend in her 30-Day relationship detox program is for you to grow and develop as an individual. It’s a time for you to learn how to stop making the mistakes you’re constantly making in your relationships, how to grow on the inside and the outside and how to love other people. There is really no room for you to be distracted by a new relationship.

The distraction of the new relationship will certainly dilute the great new information your currently being taught. Sure, you can sneak around and have a relationship while in the boot camp but who is that going to help? The current relationship may not even last because it’s not the right chance to try out your new skills yet.

Follow Dr. Bev’s vital relationship advice and DON’T DATE. Focus on working on you instead!

Want a Great Man? Become a Great Woman! An Above Average Woman…


Have you ever heard a woman say “It’s so hard to find a good man?” Have you said this same phrase yourself? It’s actually not as hard to find one as you think. In fact, to find one the rules are simple: To find a great man you must become a great woman!

A man who has put an abundant amount of effort in to his appearance, his job, his education and his relationships doesn’t want a woman who is average about any of these things. You have to step up to the plate and bring something new to the table in order to meet a great man.

There are many free resources on the internet for you to pour over in order to improve your personality and your way of thinking. Sit down and think about the skills you’ve acquired in your life. How can you apply those skills to get a better job? Do you need to go back to school to get a better job or do you need to prioritize spending your money better? Either way, changing your lifestyle can be done one small step at a time and make a huge impact on your life.

Becoming a great woman requires upkeep on the inside and the outside. This doesn’t mean you have to change your outer appearance with something extreme like plastic surgery. You should however start eating better and exercising. This is not just for finding a man of course, this is to help make a better, more extraordinary you!

Don’t sit around complaining about where all of the good men have gone. Take it upon yourself to make a greater you and you soon find a greater mate!

Should You Date Someone From a Different Faith / Religion…


Dating someone from a different faith or religion is a lot more complex then dating someone of a different race. Race plays very little (despite what people might think) in to someone’s personality and ideas. However, someone’s religion is very important to how someone lives their day-to-day life. Someone who is strict in their religious ideals may not even date someone from another race. However, someone who is more open minded may be willing to marry someone outside of their religion.

The problem truly comes in when the couple marries and want to have kids. If you haven’t discussed how you will handle two different religions with your children then you shouldn’t even think about having kids just yet. Many couples say well, we’ll teach them both of our religions and then let the children decide which one they want to follow. While it sounds nice, this rarely works out. One person might get jealous over the child’s choice or one parent might be offended if the other religion is taught harder then theirs.

Casually dating someone of another religion is fine, however, it needs to be discussed before something as serious as marriage takes place. View points on certain topics that differ too much can tear a marriage apart. It’s also not fair to the children to have parents pulling them in two different religious directions.

Even with a lot of talk and planning, when the children are born it is still very possible for the two spouses to disagree on how to handle religion in the family. That’s why it’s very important to be as prepared about this subject as possible before getting too serious.

How to Handle Adult Children Living at Home…


With the economy just starting to recover, there are many adult children who are living at home with their parents. Many of these children are working or going to school and getting back on their feet. However, there are adult children who are sitting at home without a job and playing video games all day. THIS IS NOT OK and it shouldn’t be an option. The only options an adult living at home should have is:

  • l Working full time
  • l Going to college full time
  • l Or joining the military

If that seems harsh, it’s not! No parent should allow their adult child to live off of them and not help out in some shape or form. It’s completely unacceptable. When an adult child is working full time they an help pay bills and save up to get a place of their own.

If they’re going to college then the child is building the skills and learning what it takes to be successful in life. Upon graduating, they’ll be able to get a decent job that will enable them to support themselves.

Say the child doesn’t want to work or go to college full time well, that’s their choice. However, you don’t need to make an excuse for that child doing nothing in your house. Another place your child can build the skills they need to survive is in the military. When they leave the military they can even use their VA benefits to go back to college.

There is just no reason for an adult child to be slumming on your couch. Make sure they know there are only 3 options when living at home and they have to chose one!

Should You Date a Man With Kids?


There is no simple yes or no answer to this explosive question that keeps popping up. Whether you should date a man with kids or not depends on what stage you’re in your life and if you feel you can personally handle this situation.

For example, if you’re a young person who has just discovered that your new boyfriend has multiple children with multiple women, DON’T want to date him. In fact, you need to run for the hills! This person is obviously not a responsible mate and there is too much of a chance for baby mamma drama to pop off. Don’t date that type of man. If you’re young and the man has one child base your decision to stay on how his relationship is with his baby mother. If it’s too explosive leave! Keep in mind when you do get married and your income is combined with his, you could end up paying child support to that baby mama. That is when you need to decide how much you really love this man. You don’t need to be in a relationship with anyone that has a ton of drama in their life.

Now, if you’re in your 40s and 50s dating a man with children may not be that big of a deal. Most likely the children are gown and mostly (if not all the way) taking care of themselves. You might actually find it’s easier to build a relationship with them. Whether that’s true or not, this is clearly more of an ideal dating situation.

Always use caution when dating someone with kids, but if you’re young stay completely clear of that baby mama drama!

Understanding the Habits of Success: How are Habits Formed…


An excerpt from: The Mystery Element

In psychology, a habit is any regularly repeated behavior that requires little or no thought and is learned rather than innate. Our brain is a complex organism that is made up of billions of neurons that helps connect and send messages to other parts of our brain. Many things contribute to the formation of habits. Our mind reacts to certain stimuli, conscious or not, that causes us to exhibit behaviors that may or may not be typical of our personalities. This also occurs with habits. Habits are formed because when a person repeats an action / behavior numerous times, the repeated action becomes stapled in their unconscious.  Learn more…

Should You Wear High Heels For Hours at Work?


Many of us ladies like to remain fashionable and keep our style in tact at all times. Sometimes however, we can go above and beyond what is good for us in the name of fashion.

A woman wanted an answer to her question: is it good to wear high heels if you’re standing on your feet for 5 hours a day?

This would seem like an obvious NO answer, but it seems like it needs to be officially said. So, the answer is NO! That is crazy to put your feet through the trauma of standing in heels for 5 hour a day. If you want to look cute on your breaks or lunch break, keep your heels around so you can throw them on before you go out to lunch. You can even wear your heels to work and quickly slide on flats or sneakers before your shift.

Women who wear high heels for a long period of time have been known to suffer from extensive leg, back and foot injuries. Don’t put your physical health at risk just for high heels when there are so many alternatives you can use to be cute such as designer flats and funky sneakers!

Barry Loublestine’s In-depth Concept of Ethics, Values & Character…


An excerpt from: The Mystery Element

Barry Loublestine, president in the Institute for Leadership in Medicine, poses a very in depth concept of ethics, values and character. “Values have been defined as a set of deeply-held, socially-shared beliefs that serve as standards which guide us to the positions that we take on various social, ideological, political and religious issues. We employ these values to decide about what is and is not worth arguing; persuading and influencing what others believe in and do; and, as standards to guide processes of conscious and unconscious justification of action, thought and judgment. Thus, the ultimate function of human values is to provide us with a set of standards to guide us in all our efforts to satisfy our needs and at the same time maintain and enhance self-esteem” (Loublestein, 2015). Learn more…