How to Unleash YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF… A VISUALIZATION Exercise with Bev Knox, Ph.D.

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This POWERFUL article was especially designed to support and empower women who choose to take control of their own lives in this world. “Everything I need to SUCCEED is already within ME!” To nurture self-awareness as each woman begins to integrate the essential POWER of the Body, Mind & Spirit so that she may be ALL that she was and IS created to be. So that she may claim her Most FABULOUS SELF once and for all!

The following visualization was designed just for you. It will assist you in unleashing the energy & POWER in your “True-self”… — YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF. 

DISCOVERING YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF.  Take a moment to just relax and find a comfortable place to sit…—settle into a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in slowly let it out. Breathe in and out.

Now if you would, I would like you to think of the image of YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF that you hold in your heart and mind. See her. Visualize her hair, face, body, and energy… EVERYTHING about her.

Imagine a tall mountain on a beautiful day. You realize that YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF is at the top of this mountain and all you want to do is climb up that mountain to get her help. The mountain is not too steep. You have plenty of water and supplies. You have EVERYTHING you need to proceed. It will be a basically pleasant climb, though it may take you some time to reach the top. You are not phased by that. You are just beginning your ascent up the lush, scenic face of the gentle mountain. You are sure that when you get there, YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF will be waiting.

She’ll be able to help you answer some of your greatest questions and carry some of your heaviest loads, heal some of your deepest sorrows and strengthen some of your greatest weaknesses. Before you know it, you are just about at the top of your mountain. You can see YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF in the distance. She is smiling and waving at you. She looks vaguely familiar. As you come within just a few feet of YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF, you realize that “SHE” is you. YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF is YOU. With that realization, the vision YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF converges with your image of yourself. You are now aware that YOU possess all of the strengths and attributes, that you admired so, —in YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF.

You look back down at the world below you. You see how far you’ve come. All the problems, the people, the struggles, and sorrows are seen from a new perspective. They look like ants… tiny little ants. As you stand tall surveying your world, you are now ready to face any tasks that may lie ahead, armed with YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF BLESSINGS, gifts and talents. You close your eyes and offer thanks to God as you affirm; “Everything I need to SUCCEED is already within ME!”


Ziggy Thunder: Interracial Dating, Racist Closed Minded F%#@ & the HOTTEST Couple Ever!

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I have this friend, her name is Liz (names have been changed for privacy purposes).  She’s freaking HOT, long bleach blonde hair, with a hot bod to match!  And she has this boyfriend who is tall, dark, and oh so handsome!  They are the CUTEST (I mean HOTTEST) couple EVER!  And what makes me like them more, they’re the perfect interracial couple. I love it!

Interracial couples are AMAZE-balls!  I love seeing people of opposite races becoming friends and even better, forming relationships!  It’s literally the cutest!  I love it when people look past the color of their skin and look deeper into things, and potentially falling in love!

The biggest obstacle I think my friend Liz has to go through when it comes to her relationship personally is other peoples opinions and nasty comments.  Some people don’t like seeing interracial couples.  Why, I have no freaking idea!  Those close minded frickin racist people can kiss my ass!

Here’s how I look at it.. Race is nothing!  What does race have to do with anything involving friendship or relationships!?   What does the color of your skin have to do with ANYTHING whatsoever!?  Nothing, I know.

There are many benefits to dating someone of the opposite race!  First of all, your babies are going to come out BLAZIN!!!  Have you ever seen a mulatto baby?!  Let me tell you… Multiple of my friends are products of interracial baby-making, and they are BLAZIN!  Perfect skin.  Sexy hair, eyes and features.  The whole nine. Don’t ya love it!!?

Another benefit of interracial dating is those two people opening their minds to more than just dating one of the same race!  I mean come on, if you wouldn’t date someone just because they’re not the same race as you, that’s just close minded and corny as shit!

Trust me ladies and gents, if you find yourself attracted to someone of the opposite race, think nothing of it. People are people, regardless of their skin color!  Jump in the kool-aid and live a little.  Anyway, most of the world population is blended with something or the other… Amen!   You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Fabulous Cougars Dating HOT YOUNGER MEN! It’s Your Turn to Turn Up the HEAT… Live a Little!

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So here’s the deal… You’re in your mid-thirties or forties or whatever.  You’re established in your career, fancy car and sexy lady bachelorette apartment.  You are either divorced, your kids are grown and out off the house. You answer to no one but your damn self!

Your life is perfect!  Everything is going how you planned.  The only thing missing in your perfect life is the perfect man!  But you may not be into the traditional type of relationship with someone your own age.  You don’t want some serious old fart who doesn’t want to go out and who wants to just hang at home and watch Fox News or CNN?!  NO!  You want fun and passionate and adventurous!

You want someone just as wild and wonderful as yourself!  And let’s face it, there’s nothing like a youngin’ to spice up your already amazing life!  There are tons of young guys that are into dating older women.  Yes! and everyone knows it!  Whatever their reason, they just prefer it.  Some guys prefer a woman in charge… and some are just looking to hit payday by finding their sugar-mama (watch out for those).

More mature women have been around the block a few times, so they know what they want and don’t want.  They know what they like and don’t like, and they’re already established and living it up!  Guys dig the fact that they don’t have to worry so much about how they are going to take care of someone.   I think its a relief to know that their cougar is not interested in them having money.

Now, ladies, if you are interested in a younger man and want to see what one’s about, test the waters!  Try it out! Be spontaneous!  Like I said, mostly, younger men are full of life… they’re all about spending their time and energy to please their lady, and they’re down to have fun at any time you please!

What age is appropriate when it comes to dating younger men?! Me personally, I’m not 100% sure. I wouldn’t suggest a 40 year old woman dating an 18 year old man, but each situation is different so it really does depend on the people involved. Age ain’t nothing but a number baby, I know you’ve heard that before!

If you’re a middle aged woman and you have your shit together and you’re interested in someone who will bring you nothing but a good time, you shouldn’t feel bad about it.  Be like Nike, just do it!  You are grown, sexy and FABULOUS!  Live your life, Cougar!  Get you a damn cub!

Being a woman of any age means that you are allowed to do whatever you like whenever you like, and with whomever you like!  You have the power of control!  So take the reigns and live a little, you’ll thank me later! You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: 6 Ways to be There for Your BFF When She’s Going Through a Breakup.

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Have you ever seen your BFF go through a breakup?  Break ups suck, and it’s hard to watch one of your friends try to get over a guy…. especially when he was a real you know what!

One of my BFFs have been having a really hard time getting over her ex recently… and it was really bad.  I mean really, really bad.  I had to direct her to watch Bev Knox Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted  (twice, back to back).  It was a lifesaver!

What I’ve realized, is that there are a few things that friends should remember when dealing with a sad BFF post-breakup. Here are the top 6:

1. Listen.  I know, I know, it gets really boring to hear the same stories over and over again.  There are only so many ways to analyze a break up, BUT it helps to vent to your friends.  Just suck it up and listen, even if you’re sick of it.  You’d want them to do the same for you.

2. Distract them!  When they’re going through a breakup, they feel very entitled to mope and stay in the house. They have zero motivation to go out and be social.  After a few days, maybe a week, that starts to get old.  They will always end up feeling happier when friends drag them out and cheer them up. Sometimes, you just need to force your friend to go out.

3. Be on their side.  Telling a friend what she could have done differently or how she messed up is not going to be helpful at this point. It’s best to just be supportive and remind them to take the blinders off. It’s easier to look back and only remember the good times, but you can remind your friends about all the times when the ex Boyfriend wasn’t so great after all (don’t trash him too much though… you never know if they’ll get back together).

4. Be honest and don’t let them embarrass themselves.  Example: Your BFF wants to text her ex’s new girl to trash talk them at 1:00 AM on a Saturday night. Don’t let her do that. She will regret it.

5. Surprise them!  Chocolate, cupcakes, movie tickets, etc.  Anything works—it’s the thought that counts, and I’m sure they’d appreciate the chance to stop sobbing even if it’s for a few hours!

6. Give them time.  It’s corny, but it’s true.  Breakups always seem less sad after some time has gone by, so keep reminding your friend or BFF of that fact and try not to let them dwell on it.  Plus this just means that you have more alone time with your friend!

Along with these helpful tips, remind your friend that life WILL go on, and that men are like city busses… A new one comes every fifteen minutes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so don’t be surprised when she’s over the loser that left her and onto her latest man candy! It’s a never-ending cycle. You’ll be back through this again! I’m sure…

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: The Little Black Dress! All Types and Styles! Where to Get Them and How much to Spend!

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The little black dress (LBD) is the one item every woman needs to keep in her closet.  An LBD can be pulled out for a last-minute dinner party, or to wear to a wedding or cocktail party.  Some LBDs can be worn to the office, to church (with an appropriate jacket) or even to a birthday party.

I’m am a huge fan of most little black dresses.  I suggest looking for one with some interesting details that will help the dress stand out a bit.  The best thing about an LBD, is it is hard to tell between a really expensive dress and a really affordable one.

My preference, of course, is to go the affordable route.  Bev always says: “hit the sale racks first… never pay full price for anything when you can get it on sale!”  Amen!   The little black dress does not have to be expensive to be nice, so with that in mind here are a few affordable LBDs that are anything but boring.

Black Ponte Dresses are fancy and run about $30 and will look just as good in the conference room as it would at cocktail hour. My friend has the cutest one with white out-linings and a snazzy silver zipper!! This dress is the definition of a day-to-night dress, and all you will need to do is touch-up your makeup and plum your hair a little!

High-Low Dresses are still poppin’ even though they’re being made shorter now than back in the day.   High-lows can range anywhere from $10+.  I have so many of these dresses!   They’re so cute with wedges or sneakers depending on the look you want to achieve.

I have a sleeveless LBD from Forever21, and a long sleeve one that’s to die for from H&M!  Of all of the styles of little black dresses that are out there… black long sleeve wrap dress’s might just be my favorite.   It is another perfect day-to-night dress that can be dressed up with fun accessories, or worn more casually with a ponytail and pair of flats.  They run about $25 roughly… but I’m sure prices are going to change depending on where you do your shopping.

A Black Lace Pencil Dress is the perfect thing to have on-hand for last minute dinner parties or other evening social type parties.  The lace makes this dress just a bit more formal and it is a cut that will never go out of style. I used to work at a Fashion Boutique and fell in love with the black lace pencil dress that was in the window!   Unfortunately, it was wayyy out of my budget, and to be honest not worth the money!  But I’m sure with the right material and store, you can find the perfect one!  OH EM GEE!!

A Fit & Flare Dress is so great because they usually look wonderful on all body types!  I think I might have lied, this is my favorite one!!  The same tiny waist and flared skirt that adds curves to straighter figures acts as a minimizer on curvier girls.  It’s a wonder dress! I’m one hundred percent sure you will be able to find this dress for less than $50.

Little black dresses don’t always have to be JUST black.  You can always look for dresses with patterns, prints, and other trendy styles to make your LBD pop!  You can buy yourself a LBD literally ANYWHERE!  I’ve gotten LBD’s from Forever 21, the thrift store, Macys, TJ Maxx and a bunch of other places!  I have a million LBD’s. You can never go wrong with one! Thank me later, and don’t forget…. I’m a Medium in dresses and I like my dresses Short ;)!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU! 


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Ziggy Thunder: There’s a Fine Line with Being Honest and Being F%@!% Rude! Brutally Honest vs Gently Honest…

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Being honest with people is really important when it comes to being a good friend.  Honesty is indeed, the best policy!!  If your friends can count on you to be the one person in their life that tells it straight, they will appreciate you more.  The trouble is when you’re brutally honest, you might say something that will hurt your friend’s feelings.  There is a fine line between honesty and rudeness.

There are two types of situations when your friend is going to need your honest opinion: 1) When they ask you for it, and 2) when you need to step in and tell them something for their own damn good!  Bev goes deeper into this in her Personal Development Boot Camps. 

In the first situation, your friend is simply asking for your thoughts. Answer them gently, without trying to give them a dig or take them down a notch.   In the second situation, you may just have to step up and tell your friend as it is about a situation, to get them back on track (very tactfully, not RUDE)!.

If your best friend asks your opinion on the guy she’s dating, you have a couple ways to respond. 1) Gently honest: Well, I like that you seem happy, but I’m not all that thrilled about how he is treating you right now.”  2) Brutally honest: “Are you kidding?  He’s a loser… He can’t hold a job and he makes you pay every time you go out.”

If your friend asked, “Does this outfit look good on me?” 1) Gently honest: “I kinda like the one you wore yesterday better.” You’re still being honest, but you’re doing it in a way that isn’t hurtful.  2) Brutally honest: “No way!  It makes you look ten pounds heavier.”

Being honest doesn’t mean offering your friends unwanted advice, either (ok, maybe sometimes it’s necessary but not always).  It’s okay to tell the truth, and if you’re concerned about what they’re doing with their life, speak up.  But do it in a nice way. For example, if your friend is doing something dangerous or reckless, you should definitely talk to them, ASAP In this specific case, you can decide if you want to go the gentle or brutal route depending on their personality!

Your friends don’t want you to lie to them, but they also don’t need you to stay quiet about things that needs to be said.  There is a balance between honesty and just blurting out words that can do major damage to the relationship or friendship.

Check yourself to make sure you respond back to them without jealousy or anger, which can also add to brutal honesty instead of gentle honesty. Think before you speak, and make sure you don’t say anything you’re gunna end up regretting or apologizing for. Like I said before, honesty is the best policy!

Telling the truth and dealing with the consequences are SO much better than lying and having to deal with those more severe consequences. Be a truthful person… lies get you nowhere!  Even if you’re trying to spare feelings. It’s really not what you say, but how you say it.

The way you say something can have a hugeeeeeee impact on how the person took what you said.  Just a simple change in voice can f%$# with someone’s head! Just be mindful and remember you’re not the only one with a heart… You’ll thank me later for these words of advice, you’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Grunge is the New Vintage! Top 7 Must Haves Grunge-Vintage Items…

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Believe it or not, grunge is now vintage!  I remember when I was in high school, I was all about getting brand new, stylish, and expensive shirts from all the popular stores… but now, my closet is mainly thrift store and second hand Grunge-Vintage gear! Why?  Because Grunge is the New Vintage!  Need some help looking for the right thing at the thrift?  Keep reading, and thank me later… You’re welcome!

Here is a list of my Must Haves Grunge-Vintage items:

1) Baby doll dresses.  Courtney Love made the baby doll dress cute and trashy. Pair it with thigh highs, a pair of Chucks and a baby barrette.

2) Flannel shirts.  Nothing easier than a grundgy flannel shirt and a pair of jeans to complete your day. Tie it around your waist for extra grunge cred.

3) Combat boots.  For any and EVERY outfit! I love wearing mine with skirts and dresses for an extra edge!

4) Old man cardigan.  Kurt Cobain was a master of wearing an oversized grandpa cardigan. I love throwing any old cardigan on with a tank top and shorts and calling it a day!

5) Baggy ripped jeans.  They need to be baggy, slouchy, ripped and held up by a thrift store belt or a piece of rope. My favorite pair have holes bigger than my head! I love it!

6) Vintage T’s.  Hit up vintage and thrift stores for old school tees featuring bands (like Journey and Zeppelin), movies (like Star Wars) and brands (like M&M’s or Coca Cola). Walmart sells these cool tee’s for less than ten bucks!

7) Anything Vintage!  Honestly… Stock your closet with a few vintage dresses, blouses, handbags, belts and shoes. If the fabric is torn or frayed, who cares!

The GREATest thing about shopping at the thrift shops for your “Grunge is the New Vintage” gear, is all the $avings!!!  You will pay only a fraction of the price that you would at a regular department store. Trust me on this.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: What’s Your Body Language Saying about YOU! Learn about the Latest Research Findings…

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When Bev gave me the assignment to do research about body language and write an article about it, I was like, what??  Body language??  Did you mean fashion, style, dating, wellness, language?  But she said, BODY LANGUAGE!  It wasn’t until I did my research (just for you ladies), I found out that body language has everything to do with fashion, style, dating and wellness.   

Whether you know it or not, other people are always reading your body language for secret clues about you.  The simplest look or gesture can let someone know in a heartbeat how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking.   Even though you are dressed a certain way (cute and fabulous), your body language can send a completely different message to those who look at you (stank bitch!).

Here are some of my findings:

If you want your body language to show you’re listening to another person, make eye contact. But keep a hold on it! An overly aggressive eye lock can be read as threatening (and we don’t want you to scare off people). When you’re staring someone down as they tell you a story, they can feel uncomfortable… And if you don’t give them enough eye contact, they will think you’re not listening to what they have to say and can take it offensively. Give them eye contact, then glance away a little.   Let them know you’re all the way there, but not in a scary way!

Crossing your arms can be kinda…how should I say it, RUDE!! Other people will take that as you being distant, or insecure or defensive or stubborn. Arm crossing can be a good thing sometimes though, it can make you try sticking to a hard task… I read a study online that said when you cross your arms, you’re more likely to think deeper into things…not give up so easily on figuring it out.

Crossing your arms uses both the left and right part of the brain, so you think more into things. So the next time you’re talking to someone and they have their arms crossed, don’t think that you’ve made them mad. They might just be thinking of the right way to answer your question.

I remember when I was younger and I would get in trouble, I would approach my grandmother crossing my arms and she would get so angry!  She’d tell me to unfold my arms in a heart beat.. She used to tell me that crossing my arms makes it seem like I’m not trying to take in what she’s saying to me.  Almost like you’re rejecting her words!  I didn’t understand this before, but as I grew older and was around more and more different types of people, I can totally see why she would think this! If we don’t agree on anything in this world, I def agree with that!

If you sit with your legs crossed, it shows that you’re confident and dominant!  When you sit like this it shows power!  Crossing your legs at the ankles when you’re sitting can mean that you’re holding back or you’re not sure of something.  A lot of people sit like this at job interviews!  Men love love loveeee when women cross their legs at the knee.  So if you want to catch the eye of that cute guy at work, swing your leg over the other and let them legz do their thangggg!

Standing with your hands on your hips is another way people can show off certain vibes or feelings.  You might think this macho superman pose makes you come off as confident but in my opinion it comes off as aggressive and kinda bitchy!  Even putting one hand on your hip can come off as intimidating. And nobody wants to feel awkward during a conversation with you…

When I see a hoochie with her hands on her hip… I think one thing: she IS a hoochie with no home training! She need to sign up for Bev’s Personal Development Classes.  If I had a daughter standing there talking to me with her hands on her hip and all her weight shifted to one side, I’d sprinkle some holy water on her right then and there!  I don’t play that.  But that’s disrespectful and not cute!  So don’t put your hands on your hips if you don’t want people thinking you’re a little bitch with an attitude. You’ll thank me later. You’re welcome!

With all this being said, it’s really important to watch your body language and how you come off to other people.   Giving someone the impression on how you feel without even opening your mouth can be very powerful. You can be the sweetest girl in the world, but nobody would know it based on your body language and the vibes you give off. So always shoot out positive vibes, and watch that hand on that hip girl!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: What to Do When Dating a Guy in a BROmance! It Isn’t Pretty… HELP!

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I was watching this episode of True Life where two girls were dating guys who were in a bromance with their bestfriends!  And I got to thinking… would I want to date a man in a bromance… would you??  Better question, could you HANDLE dating a man involved in a bromance?

First of all, a bromance is pretty much the very complicated love and affection shared by two straight dudes… Basically best friends x10!! You know the old saying “bros before hoes”? Well yeahh, this is bros before hoes to the extreme!

So, I had to seek additional advice from our Fairy god-Diva Bev Knox…  She said, and I quote, “if you’re dating a guy who’s trapped in a bromance, my only piece of advice is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!” Need I say more?!?

Women in relationships more than likely want to feel like they’re #1!  That they come first no matter what.  If you’re that type of woman, steer CLEAR of a man who’s in a bromance.  Because you’re not going to get anywhere in that relationship.  Be prepared to be the third wheel on dates, the second choice to grabbing a bite to eat, basically the last resort when his buddy isn’t around.  But nine times out of ten, he’ll ALWAYS be around!!! Get used to is sister, you’re now in the world of bromancing.  And it ain’t pretty!

If you’re already dating your guy and down the road he finds his long lost brother from another mother, it’s a little easier to nip the situation and get a grip on it!  If you feel your man leaving you all the time for his new bro, simply sit him down and tell him how you feel.

It’s one thing if you’re new coming into a bromance, because they’ve already established a strong bond and friendship.  But if he’s new and you’re not feeling it, speak up! You’re only as powerful as the words you spit out, so make sure they’re words of fire!  Get your point across and don’t back down!  You’re in the relationship too. You have a say to what happens in it!

When your boo and his bro are doing guy things, don’t always try to tag along!  I know you wanna see your man candy and spend time with him, but attempting to do everything they do just to say you can hang, is NOT the solution.  Give him space, and the chance to miss you.  Fill that empty time reading a new book or hanging with your own damn friends!  Do that yard work you’ve been dying to get done all Spring! Keep yourself busy so you don’t look like the psycho girlfriend sitting at home waiting for her man to finally call!

My #1 rule when dealing with a guy in a bromance, DO NOT make him pick between you and the friend!  HE WILL PICK THE FRIEND!!!  Bev always say, “Boys are like city busses, a new one comes every fifteen minutes! –but a REAL man is a keeper.”  Do you not think the same is true for guys?  Well it is!  You are his girlfriend, yes.  But you can be replaced in a New York minute if you go trying to give him ultimatums.  Just promise me, you won’t try to come between him and his brotha’!

Again, I say to you… Bev said: “if you’re dating a guy who’s trapped in a bromance, my only piece of advice is to RUN as fast as you can in the opposite direction!!!” Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Learn the Benefits of Going to the Mall! It’s Not Just for Shopping Anymore…

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Ziggy Thunder11

The way I grew up, pretty much was this… the one thing that my mother taught me (besides morals and values and the value of a good education and to live a fabulous life) is my wear-abouts in a shopping mall.  Yes, throw me in any mall venue, and I can draw you a map in less than 10 minutes with all the where to-s and don’ts of shopping.  So, I spent much of my younger years in giant shopping malls learning my strategy. Yes Ladies!   We all have our thang! And this is mine!

To this day, I can feel my mood lift the second I enter a mall.  It’s not all about shopping… I just like the lights and the high ceilings and the people-watching opportunities (yep, I’m the long-looker at the food court who’s creeping you out).  Certain areas can be loud and full of life and people.  There are times when that manic energy is exactly what I need to bust me out of a bad mood or a ball of stress.  The mall is pretty bonkers, and that’s why it is awesome!

I know some people think of malls as where all the people with no money go to hang out and be losers, but to me the mall is so much more than that.  The mall can be a refuge, a haven, a place to take a time out from the complications of your “real” life.  

The mall is one of the first public places that parents (even a lot of overprotective ones) let their kids go to roam around unsupervised.  I think that  parents find some comfort in the fact that the mall is usually crowded and always well lit, with cameras everywhere.  So for high-schoolers, the mall is one of the few places you can break free, for a few hours, from the direct supervision of adults. And you don’t even have to lie about where you’re going or where you’ve been!

The mall is a rare space where you can feel totally free without rebelling from anyone or anything.  You can be relaxed and goofy… you can openly flirt with cute strangers… or put on some sunglasses and go incognito and escape from everyday nonsense.  A lot of people use the mall as a walking area. You can get your exercise on and power-walk that ass nice and firm.  There is even a toddler play area where lots of parents take their kids to hang out. No matter the weather outside the mall is the place to go.

Not to mention the food court, with so many yummy foods! Treat yo’self to some chicken teriyaki or lots of other yum yums.  You can really exploit the potential of this space in inventive ways.  You can do your homework or work-work in the food court.  You can hold meetings and use the space as a make-shift office. You can go out on dates (when you want to be in a really public location).

The real secret of the mall, the thing that makes it magical for me, is that you can just go there without ever spending a dime! It’s free entertainment, open all day, seven days a week!   I know, mind-blowing, right?   Even though it is a space that is designed, head to toe, to get people to spend money, you can actually just wander up and down the walkways and browse through the shops from morning until closing time.

Once you realize this wonderfulness, you’ll start to see the mall in a completely new way.  Suddenly it isn’t an evil hangout spot, it’s a controlled kickback spot with no entry fee where you get to look at interesting stuff or just lounge for hours, usually without being hassled or asked to leave.

If you want or need to blow off responsibility or to separate yourself from a situation or place that’s bumming you out, the mall is always there for you.  Learn more about shopping and mall activities by taking Bev Knox Personal Image Boot Camp.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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