Ziggy Thunder: The Failure to Success Story of My BFF Named Banana! Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll.

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Everyone has had their low points.  Not everyone started straight on the top!  And those 2% who did, were just extremely lucky bitches who never had to work for shit a day in their life!

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl I know, trust me… this story is for real!  I knew this girl, Anna. We all called her Anna Banana.  She’s been in my group of friends for a long time!  Since we were like in middle school!  Banana was the one in the group that got great grades, never got in trouble.  And when we were in college, she was usually the designated driver!  God, gotta love those DDs on Friday nights!

Our sophomore year in college, Banana met Jack (names have been changed for privacy).  Jack was your typical bad ass, we all met him one night in a sleezy biker bar.  He was ripped, dangerous, and sexy as hell!  Everything about him was inviting, and soon enough Banana was hooked.  He was the type of guy that Bev always warns us about.

At first it was cute, the bad boy with our towns most innocent and perfect girl!  They say opposites attract, and that’s pretty much what it was!  Two opposites attracted together so tight that nothing could break them!  They were one, literally.  You didn’t see one without the other.  Jack was her knight in shining armor, holding her books and walking her to class (he didn’t even go to the college), buying her expensive gifts and being the cutest boyfriend ever.

Eventually, without ever knowing this before, Banana started getting these crazy mood swings. She was missing classes, and we never studied or partied together anymore. A group of us saw her one night at that biker bar with a new set of friends, and Jack of course.

But this wasn’t the Banana we all knew and grew up with.  This Banana was drugged the f#$% out, swaying from side to side and leaning on her new friends for physical support. She had turned into a flat out junkie.  Sluttying it up on the bar with those whores, publicly trying to rape Jack on a bar stool, this wasn’t the Banana we knew!

Skipping a few months, Banana wasn’t looking too good.  Eventually though, we had a little group meeting, MINUS JACK!  We made sure he was nowhere to be found, because what we had to talk about we were sure he wouldn’t approve.  Jack had brainwashed our precious Banana, and turned her into this monster we didn’t even know!

She at first tried to deny it, and said nothing changed….she was just spending more time with her man and his group of friends!  But we didn’t back down, we told her straight up how it was!  And she didn’t like it.  But it had to be said. We literally had a straight up intervention.  Its to bad the cameras weren’t rolling, cause I would have been in Hollywood by now.

If you are a really good friend, you will tell your friend what she needs to hear to set her straight….whether she likes it or not!  Months and months have gone by, and Banana is doing so much better!  I am glad that she was able to turn her life around.  Some people are in so deep that they don’t get a chance to get out of it.

So, Banana dumped her loser boyfriend, and started going to classes.  Unfortunately, she failed last semester and had to retake all her cources.  But that’s ok, she has picked up her grades and doing much better in school!  She’s stopped doing drugs (with the help of a counselor) and accepted her past as just a phase she was going through.  She’s even found what she wants to do with her life, be a drug and alcohol counselor!

I’m so proud of my Banana, because she is a perfect example at how life throws unexpected curve balls your way all the time!  You never know what might happen if you don’t stay on track to living a positive and well balanced life.  And when you do start to stray, hopefully you have a good support system to whip that ass right back into place!

So like I said, whether you’re starting to go left, or have been at rock bottom for a few months, it can ALWAYS get better.  You just have to believe in yourself and put in the necessary work to become a better person!  If Banana can do it, with all she’s been through, I’m 100% confident that you can too!  I want to hear your Failure to Success story, so don’t be scared to shoot me an email Ziggy@BevKnox.com.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: What to Do When Your “Ex” Wants You Back. Should You Give Him a Second Chance? Hell-to-the-NO!

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Boyyyyy, do I have a story for you!  Every now and then, you’ll read the occasional blog about me bitching about my ex boo thang!  It took me forever to get over that mother BEEP!

BUT, do you know how I got over ‘em without slashing tires or egging houses (this is is JOKE, I would never do that… only psychos do crap like that)?!  I got FABULOUS Advice from Bev… I know, even the Relationship MASTER needs a little help from her Fairy god-Diva sometimes…

Whether you are the dumper, or the one being dumped, breaking off a relationship is never easy!  The whole point of being in a relationship is to accept each other for who they are, flaws and all (well lets be real here, it all depends on the damn flaws!), and to work with it.  No matter what!  That’s what separates a boyfriend/girlfriend from someone you are just messing around with or talking too.

But when the tough gets going, and you’re no longer interested in having a relationship with that person, for whatever reason, then it needs to be over. You should see it as a lesson learned.  Done.  Fi-ni-to!  You don’t break up with someone with the intentions on getting back together!  I HATE that shit!  I know girls who break up to make up almost daily, and it’s sickening.  Like, why waste your time!?  You’re clearly breaking up for a reason!  Look, if you need help in learning how to break up with someone and NEVER go back, Ask Bev… She will Help YOU!

So when you’re all said and done, and you gave him back all his comfy sweats and other things that remind him of you and got the closure you needed, there is no reason why you should ever let him know you’re thinking about him.  To this day I still think about a particular ex-boyfriend when our favorite song comes on the radio.  But he doesn’t know that… and he never will!

An ex is an ex for a reason.  An ex is an EXample as to why you shouldn’t be together.  You’re not broken up for stupid ass reasons, I HOPE!  Things didn’t work out.  Acknowledge that shit and keep it moving.  It sucks… and going through the “getting to know you phase” with someone else also sucks.  But like I said, they are your ex for a reason!

It always goes down like this though: you move on emotionally, finally, and the mother effer starts coming back with the bullshit… “I miss you baby!”  and “You’re the only one for me!” are ones I’ve heard countless times from my ex, because that asshole realized that leaving me for your booty of the week was the stupidest thing he ever did!

When your ex tries to hit you up on some I miss you baby bullshit, RUN THE OTHER WAY!  It’s a trap, and you better not be the dumb broad who gets sucked back up into that… I’m telling you, they would NOT be even bothering with you if you were running back to them… so do them and yourself a favor and don’t entertain it.

I’m telling you, they are like scumbags when they realize they lost something good!  Trust me ladies, as Bev always tells me, they are like city busses, a new one comes ever fifteen minutes!  She is SO right.  Stop trying to make a knight in shining armor from a loser in tin foil.

Be patient, don’t go back to him because you’re lonely.  Sign up for Bev’s Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted.   Patience, young grasshopper. Better things await you. You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Video Tutorial on Sexy Plumper Lips. Learn to Get a More Beautiful Plumper Illusion…

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Lips should always appear clean and moist.  Lips are a fashion focus and YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF must have luscious lips.   Plumper, full, pretty lips are a gift to most women of color.  If you have thinner lips, you should experiment with liners and colors that would give the illusion that your lips are fuller.

Some of the newer, longer wearing lip colors actually stain your lips and can dry them out.  It is important to exfoliate dead skin and lipstick build-up from your lips everyday.  Liner that is too dark is a No No. If you choose to wear a liner, match your lip color to the pencil so you won’t have that “street-walker” line around your mouth.  An old trick to keeping lipstick off your teeth, is to apply lipstick to form an O with your mouth.

Insert your index finger then slowly pull your finger from your mouth.  Excess lipstick clings to your finger, not your teeth.  Or you can just use a lint-free napkin to blot out excess lipstick from your lips.  Pampering your lips helps your lipstick wear longer and prevents lipstick bleed.   Lips also look plumper and fuller.

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Ziggy Thunder: All About FABULOUS Tattoos, Body-Art, & Why I LOVE Em’

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I’ve told the story so many times about my first tattoo, and since then how addicting getting more tattoos have become! I love tattoos, and I love all the ink on my body! It’s beautiful, it’s raw, and it’s all me!

My heart and soul is laid out on my skin for the world to see, but there are a bunch of people who I’m sure would rather me keep that heart and soul INSIDE my body.  Some people choose to hang their artwork, others decide to wear it!   I love  expressing myself through my tattoos, and flaunting my story on my bare skin! It’s a privilege in my opinion!  And I can’t wait to add more to my ever so naked canvas.

So why are so there so many dammn HATERS in the world?!  I don’t understand.  Why are people so judgmental when it comes to inking the body! In my opinion, if you don’t like it yourself, that’s cool.  But why are you judging someone because they had the same right as you… to get ink on their body or to not get ink on their body!  I just don’t get it.

When I got one of my first major tattoos, butterflies going up my chest, my grandmother was furious!  She lost her damn mind!  But how could something so beautiful be viewed so harshly?!  It’s not like I have a skull on my arm (which I later got, because I freaking love skullz) grandma, they’re beautiful monarch butterflies!  Cut me some slack!

Today, tattoos are becoming more and more accepting.  VERY slowly, but very surely.  More places are hiring people with visible tattoos, and it’s not being viewed as such a negative thing.  But a lot of people still associate tattoos with violence and crazy behavior… but I don’t look at it like that.

In prison, you will see all kinds of people there (so I’ve heard). For all kinds of different reasons, some with tattoos and some without.  Regardless of their physical appearance, they’re in there for what they DID, not what they look like (ok, so some may say that there are people in jail who ended up there for what they look like.. well this ain’t no damn research study, so back off)!  Why can’t people on the outside look at it like that?!  I’ll never get it!

There are better people in this world with tattoos than people without!  And that’s the honest truth!  Tattoos don’t make the person, the person makes the story for which the tattoos can even exist!

I wish everyone could be understanding when it came to this subject.  But like a lot of other topics out there, it’s something that is going to take a lot of time and a lot of effort.  So I’ll continue to get my ink and represent my life on my body, and deal with the good and bad that comes with it!

Until next time, stay beautiful. Stay INKED! Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Mastering Foundation & Concealer Video Tutorial… For Men & Women. The Right Shades, Tools & Application.

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Your right foundation

If your skin is oily you will want to use an oil-free or water-based foundation.  The new wet/dry powder foundations are also an excellent choice.  I prefer powder foundations for everyday use, using very little. You do not have to pack on the make-up in order to leave your house.   You can create a fabulous everyday look that looks great with very little effort.  Play around with natural shades that you can apply in less than 5 minutes.

Normal or combination skin should alter foundation based on how your T-zone is responding.  If your T-zone is acting a little shiny try an oil-free or wet/dry foundation.  When the T-zone is drier you may consider a more creamy foundation.  T-zones change with the seasons in most cases.  Dry skin loves the feel of a rich liquid or cream foundation. Be sure to always moisturize before applying your foundation.

Your right shade

The back of your hand is usually darker than the skin on your face, so test your foundation on your cheek.  This will let you know immediately if you will have that horribly looking line down your cheek bone.  The perfect shade is one that disappears on the skin.  I like to use two different colors to contrast certain areas of my face.   A lighter shade for my brow lid, center part of my nose and under my eyes.  And my perfect skin tone shade for the rest of my face and under my neck.   You too can play around with different shades to create that perfect look. You know what they say… —practice makes perfect.


After cleansing, toning and moisturizing, you should always allow time for your moisturizer or alphahydroxy acid products to absorb into the skin before applying foundation.   Using a sponge provides an even, sheer finish.  This is preferable over using your fingers and you’ll be amazed at the difference. You can buy disposable sponges for about $2 a bag.   Using a powder will set your foundation while absorbing excess oil.  This reduces blemishes and gets rid of any lines of demarcation.

If your skin is dry, powder very, very lightly or else your face will look cracked up. If you are looking for heavier coverage from your foundation use a cream or oil-based foundation and apply powder more heavily. Powder adds a glamorous velvety finish while helping to remove the shine of excess perspiration and oil. Always carry a compact to minimize oil or shine —press onto the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks.

Choose your powder based on your skin type: For dry skin you’ll want a light-deflecting pressed or loose powder. Dry skin has a tendency to look dry around the eyes. You want a powder that will deflect the light. Oily skin should opt for double protection in an oilabsorbing, Oil-Free powder.   This helps to prevent shine.   Powder early and often! Normal or combination skin should touch up just in the T-zone during the day with loose or pressed powder.  This is especially important if the eye area tends to be drier.  Buy a few pressed powder compacts, and keep one in your purse at all times.


Many women shy away from blush, afraid that they will look harsh and over-done. The correct technique will help you avoid that problem!   The right way to blush: Smile or suck in your cheeks to locate the apples of your cheeks. Try not to laugh when you

are looking are yourself in the mirror.  Begin at the center of the apple and apply blush up to the corner of the eye and the temple.  Blush should never go below the bottom of your nose, or any closer in than the iris of your eye.   Applying blush high on the face makes your eyes sparkle.   Sparkly eyes are very attractive.

After applying blush, blend with a dry makeup sponge. Use the edge of the sponge like an eraser on the outer edges of the applied blush to buff away any lines of demarcation. Never apply blush below the cheekbones.   This type of color only creates an illusion that brings the face down and makes you look older.  When the seasons change, change your blush!  Deeper, rich colors for fall and winter, paler tines for spring and summer.


Makeup sponges – The tool of choice for even foundation coverage and blending all types of shadows and blushers. A great place to buy these are in a Beauty Supply store that is open to the public. Even your local drug store can supply you with all your beauty needs (to start, eventually you want to move on to higher quality products).

Tweezers – Choose one with a slant edge to grasp hair easily. Makeup wands, brushes or Q-tips – makeup must-haves. Use these three simple steps to help keep makeup looking fresh all day!  1) Apply foundation and blush, then set makeup by brushing on an excessive amount of loose translucent powder.  2) Spritz face with hydrating mist. This helps “lock-in” powder on top of makeup.  3) Brush off excess powder and apply a second, light dusting of powder.   Blend well! Messy makeup lines can ruin your look! Blend, blend, blend and blend some more. This is the key to looking FABULOUS!

Worry less about how you apply it and more about how you blend it.  Using a dry makeup sponge will help blend away all lines of demarcation on shadow, blush, foundation and powder!

Makeup colors should be chosen based on your natural hair and skin color. Here are a few guidelines to go by.  Brunettes look better in deeper, brighter bluebased shades.  Blond hair with skin that tans easily should look for cool, powdered blue-based shades. A redhead with delicate skin will want to choose makeup with warm, golden tones.  Blond hair with fair, delicate skin that burns easily should opt for clear, bright, warm shades.  HINT: Never assume that brown, earth tones look good on everyone.  They don’t! There are cool earth tones and warm earth tones.   Choose the ones that work best with your natural coloring.

Always use colors in the same color family.  When using coral lipstick, go with a coral blush.  If you choose a blue-based burgundy lip, use a blush with the same blue base. For women of color with medium skin tones and blonde highlighted hair, you can play around quite a bit with color and still look fabulous.  I love bright colors so I enjoy using variation in my make-up approach, yet still maintaining a classy polished look.   And please remember that there is a difference between “day-time” and “night-time” make-up and how it is applied. Do not make the mistake of going into the office with “Full-Glam” appearance.

Learn More from Bev Knox Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS!

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Ziggy Thunder: Are You Feeling Blaaa? Are You Bored with Yourself? Need a Little Pic-ME-Up? Bev Knox Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS!

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So it’s 2pm and you’re just waking up.  You are rolling around in bed feeling kinda depressed.  You don’t want to wake up because you think your life is of little to no relevance.   You have no passion to do anything and no desire to even think about trying.

You are not clinically depressed, but it damn sure feels like you are.  You are thinking things like, of what importance do I bring to anything, when it comes to work or my social life?  I know I have a purpose in life, but I don’t know how to find it. I know I should dump my loser friends.  I know I need to take better care of myself and my appearance.   I know I could be doing so much more right now, but I need guidance.  If you just sunk back into your bed while reading this because I just described you to a tee, hold on, there’s more to come.

I know this chick… She was the most bubbly bitch known to man.  And I mean bitch in a good way.  Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Caring & Headstrong.  Just spending five minutes in her company would leave you smiling like nobody’s business.  She was upbeat, positive, and full of lovely vibes! I couldn’t get enough of her!

Eventually though, for whatever reason, she started to not be so bubbly.  She wasn’t her normal self. Instead of being happy and lively, she was moody and withdrawn.  I didn’t know how to react to her new personality, all I knew was that I didn’t like it.  But I knew it was a problem within, and I couldn’t do anything about it.  So I introduced her to Bev. Nuff said!

If you’re like my friend or you know someone like her, but you don’t want to wait the funk out.. I suggest you take Bev Knox Ultimate Guide to FABULOUS!  It is an intensive training course, 100% online.  Bev has a series of video lectures that you can watch at anytime day or night.

Not only will it help you boost your self esteem and personal confidence, but it will give you the personal willpower to get your lazy ass out of your bed and be the FABULOUS diva I know you can be.

Being fabulous isn’t even hard. To be completely honest, you just have to bring your inner diva out and unleash her fabulousness!  And for those who either need a push or seven, or just to brush up on their already skillfully filled mind of fashion and wellness, there’s never a problem with getting a little extra help!

Trust me… believe it or not, Bev actually has some good shit to say!  She helped me get over the asshole that tried to play me, and she helped me think more positively and respectfully about myself, others, my mindset, my environment and my life goals.   I love her for that! Thanks Bev!

So ladies, like I said before.. Whether you’re socially and fashionably awkward and need a whole shitload of lessons, or you’re like me and just wanna brush up your skills, let Bev transform you from socially depressed to FABULOUS DIVA!  You’ll thank me later, you’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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FABULOUS Skin Care Techniques for YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF. Watch Michelle Phan Video Tutorial.

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A great image begins with great skin!  I am sure you have heard this all before, but it is so true.  Good skincare habits are necessary for Total Skin Wellness!  Great beauty begins with a healthy, well taken care of body. Your skin will glow and your eyes will sparkle if you take your health care seriously.  The worst thing for YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF to have is unhealthy, dried up, ashy looking skin.

Nutritional supplements may be taken to maintain great skin.  Vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene are antioxidants that protect your skin from damage of the environment.   For healthy skin be sure your supplements contain these important ingredients, even if you buy store brands.   Proper amounts of water keep the skin hydrated from within. Drink at least eight-8oz glasses daily.  Yes, eight! Buy bottled water and leave them in your car, your house, and your office.  Try to avoid drinking soda at all costs.  You MUST properly maintain your skin on a daily basis to ensure your skin is at it’s best.

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize ever morning and before you go to bed.  Never go to bed with make-up still on your face.  Everyone’s skin type is different.  Therefore you may have to experiment with different brands before you find the one that you like.  Once you have found the brand you love, purchase a set with cleanser, exfoliator, toner and moisturizer together.

Alpha Hydroxy acids are Mother Nature’s secret and is a skin care weapon.  These products repair the skin for a healthier, more youthful look.   A super-exfoliator for dead skin cells is very useful, but you should always follow directions before using.   These products bring to the surface younger, fresher looking skin, but may dry up your skin if used too frequently.   Girl! You do not want to look like a dried up looking prune.  Hire a beauty and/or image consultant if you have trouble… —but these are skills that YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF should learn.

If you smoke, quit now!   Whether you quit cold turkey of buy a patch, I don’t care. Smoking cigarettes causes the blood vessels in the skin to constrict, reducing oxygen flow and the flow of vital nutrients.   Too much alcohol has the same effect.   Use in moderation or none at all.   Again, a social glass of wine now and then or the occasional mojito is ok, but do not go overboard.

Your body and your skin requires a good night’s rest to repair itself.  Be sure to get the amount you need.  In other words, no late nights at the clubs.  Once in a while is ok… but lets not make it habitual.  Proper exercise helps the body by improving the flow of nutrients and blood to the skin and face.  90% of the signs we contribute to aging are caused by exposure to the sun!  Be sure to wear sun protection everyday, winter or summer.  Most moisturizes now come with sun protection built in.  Yes, even my dark skin beauties need to protect their skin from the sun.  To Learn More Click HERE. 

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Ziggy Thunder: Is it Ever OK for YOUR Man to Hang Out with Other Women? Does He Call Them Sis or Bestie? Is He a Cheating Dog or Just a Nice Guy with Female Friends?

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Is it ever okay for your man to hang out with other women?  He’s got more female friends than you do!  He claims that they’re only his friends, but they all look better than you!  Is this ever okay?!  How do YOU feel about it this topic?

When I was a little younger, I had this boyfriend that I adored!  He was charming, and handsome and a great basketball player.  He could make me laugh, took me out on wonderful romantic dates, and was really down to earth! He was perfect!

But he had one major flaw, all of his other female friends thought the exact same way.  He had ONLY female friends. He was so popular, and the star of the basketball team, so you think he would hang with some of the guys around campus or on his team.  But nope, when he wasn’t with me he was with Alicia. Or Kim. Or Rachael.

At first, I was pretty insecure about it.  Let me be real, I didn’t like it one bit.  I was like, what the hell!  Something is not right here.  I don’t think that I was worried about him being a cheating ass dog (ok maybe sometimes…lol. I’m human, damn!) but I was more concerned about what others may think.  Now that’s deep!  Bev where are you, I need you to interpret this! 

There are some cases though, where the guy will say that he’s down for just you, and that those other girls are JUST his friends, but that’s all BULLSHIT!  He’s slaying one of those hoes that he calls “bestie.” And you’re just hanging at home missing him while he’s out being a little thot.  You have to learn the real signs of a cheating man so you don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about what your man is doing when he’s not with you.

I get it, men are dogs right?!  Wrong, not all of them.  In my opinion, there are plenty of men who are actually truthful when they say that these women are just their friends.  Think about it, how many male friends do you have and hang out with and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sexual with.  I know I have a few, and we do nothing but hang like girlfriends.  Bev goes more in depth about this in her Dating & Relationship Boot Camp.

Each situation is different, because each relationship is different, because everyone is different in their own way! Simple as that!  You have to analyze every situation differently, because no two situations are alike.  Just because your cousin’s baby daddy’s sister in law got cheated on, doesn’t mean that all men are liars and dogs!  Some are, but not all.  You’ll thank me later ladies, trust me.. You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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