Ziggy Thunder: The Truth About Cuddling is, Not All Chicks are Into It! I’m NOT! I Like My Damn Personal Space!

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Why is it that every single one of my friends, no matter their age, gender or size, LOVES to cuddle.  What’s up with that??  There are even studies that show how cuddling can reduce heart problems, make your depression fade, and even help you sleep faster!  I get that, but some women go overboard with the damn cuddling thing and feel less loved if their man don’t cuddle with them.

Well, I’m not a believer when it comes to cuddling.  I don’t like that shit to be honest!  And I do have some valid points to defend my argument!  Now I’m not sure if it’s just me, maybe I’m some alien life force from planet Single, but I do NOT like sharing my personal space with anyone except my mini me, my doggie Diva Princess Miracle.  She is the only one who can come in close contact with me for a long time, and me not freak the hell out!  I love her to itty-bitty pieces… that’s my love!


When I come home from a long day at work, or a date, or just an outing with my friends, there’s nothing more peaceful than stripping off all my clothes and jumping on my bed and just sitting there… no TV, no music, no nothing.   Just me and the silence… and my doggie Diva Princess Miracle.   I do this for about seven minutes EVERY time I come home.  I can’t do that with someone in the bed with me… how am I supposed to gather my thoughts while entertaining someone else?!

Which moves me right along to my next topic, entertaining people…. I am not a one woman circus!  I don’t walk around juggling bananas and bowling pins.  I am a simple girl, who likes simple things (even though some might think I’m not).  I really just like my meeee time.

When you’re stuck in bed with someone and you’re cuddling, it’s an open slot for conversation!  Noooo, sleep time is for just that, SLEEEPING!  I don’t wanna talk to you, leave me alone!  We’ll talk tomorrow when I’m fully recharged and after having my coffee.

Another problem with cuddling to me is just being that close to someone.  What if I have to fart, or my stomach is making rumbling noises??  If you’re all bodied up with me then you can feel all of that, and I don’t wanna hear your body noises so I’m pretty sure the feeling is very mutual.  Just give me my space!  I like space, I’m a big fan of my space!

cud3             cud1

Speaking of space, I don’t want to be confined to one section of the bed!  When I knock out, I fall asleep on one side of the bed, and when I wake up I’m in a completely different direction, side, and angle.  I sleep like a wild woman!  And I don’t want a punch in the throat for putting my knee in your back!  Because it’s your fault!  Get out of my damn bed!

Do I sound like a bitter old single woman?!  Because that’s not the goal at all.  I can’t help it, I’m just one of those chicks who prefer not to cuddle!  Sheesh, sue me!  If I REALLY like the person, I don’t mind them falling asleep in bed with me, but on their side. NOT mine!  I don’t want to fall asleep with someone’s arms around me!  What if you fall off the bed and now I’m stuck falling with you because you never let go!? 

I know it’s cute, and everyone loves it, and it’s all lovey-dovey and shit… but I don’t like it!  So if my future husband is reading this, do NOT try and cuddle with me during our first sleep over, or else!  You’re very welcomed!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Make-up Video Tutorial: Creating Diva Looking Eyes…

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Creating Diva Looking Eyes  (Expert from Bev’s Book)

Your eyes are your most expressive feature.  Color can help make the most of them by enhancing depth and definition. Eye pencils define and enhance your eyes making them look brighter and clearer.  For best results always smudge your liner.  To avoid that drawn on pencil look, apply eye pencil close to the upper lashes BEFORE you add eyeshadow.  Your eyes will still look defined, but the look will be softer and natural.

If you are afraid of using liner, slightly dampen the tip of your eyeshadow wand and use a deeper eyeshadow shade next to your lashes to create a line for your eyes.  Remember to blend! Lining the inside rim of your eyes with a blue-based eye pencil enhances the whites.  Use a light touch to avoid raccoon eyes.

Eye shadows

You can have so much fun with eye shadows.  I do!   There are so many colors you can play around with to create a dramatic and sexy look. Using a good shadow control cream makes for a more professional finish.  It also helps shadow stay on longer and prevents creasing, fading, and streaking. Blending is easier too.  Tinted shadow control creams can be worn alone for a natural, soft look. You can also use your powder-to-cream foundation before adding eye shadow to the lid.

The true key to perfect shadow is to blend.  Color should fade in intensity from lashes to brow, and blend in lighter shades as you work up.  The key is continuous color that helps avoid that stark line under your brow.




Eyebrows shape your face, so you have to pay special attention to your brows.  Waxing and tweezing are a must.  You may have your brows permanently done (tattooed) or use a brow control cream to shape a define brows for a more polished look.  Apply control cream in an upward, outward stroke.  Tinted brow creams can add fullness to sparse brows.  For additional fullness, apply a sweep of brown eyeshadow in place of a pencil.  Remember to use a light touch!

Proper brow tweezing – Invest in one good pair of slant-edge tweezers and tweeze in the direction of hair growth. When you are finished dab a little moisturizer to lessen irritation.  Don’t over tweeze – As we age, our brows naturally begin to thin.

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Ziggy Thunder: Beauty AND Brains = The Total Package! Put Down the Damn Eyeliner and Pick up a Damn Book!

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Let’s go back in time and revisit high school… There were the jocks. The gothic kids, the band geeks, the cheerleaders, and the nerds!  Each group was known for their special talents, whether it be to sit on the sidelines and cheer on a sports game, or for knowing pi` like the back of their hand.  Whatever, you get what I’m saying…

Now let’s take it a little deeper… In high school, the nerds were the loser girls who sat at their own lunch table in fear of getting made fun of by the other kids.  They were incredibly smart, but their fashion sense and street smart was at an all time low.  So they were constantly picked on for not being cool.  But their report cards could blow every other student out!

Next, there was the beautiful and popular cheerleaders. Most were sluts (NOT ALL), and the rest were just pretty little bimbos following others around like puppy dogs. Their report cards were shit, and they weren’t good for much except waving their little pom poms around and doing naughty girl things underneath the bleachers.

Here’s my thing… where were the girls that had it ALL: Beauty AND Brains!  That’s so seldom now a days.  I remember my father always telling me in school to get the best grades I possibly could, because I didn’t wanna be labeled “the pretty dumb chick.” And he was right.

Women who are beautiful AND smart are winning more than the girls who only hold one great quality.  I hate that the so called nerds are portrayed as ugly and losers, and the popular pretty girls are considered dumb!  Why does it have to be like that!?

In today’s society, if you can’t hold up a simple conversation, then you aren’t worthy of a second date.. Shit, you might not even finish the first one you’re on!  Men love eye-candy, but if you’re not worth even one decent conversation, what are you worth in the long run except blow jobs under bleachers?  Lets just be REAL about it!

Women who are both beautiful and smart show that they can handle it all.  They are not just too busy focusing on one task to make sure it’s perfect… they are multitaskers!  Not only can they get the perfect job because of their wonderful resume and school records, but they can knock the wind out of you when you see them because of their beautiful face and FABULOUS personality!

Women who are both beautiful and intelligent are what we call the total package!  Women who can take charge of the boardroom and the bedroom is the total frickin package!   Women who can engage in amazing conversations while looking like an exotic Amazon queen, will get the guy every time.  These examples of strong, smart, beautiful women are the ideal mate that most men with a damn brain would give his left toe for!

Sure, he’s going to think you’re hot if you are, but that’s not all it takes to land a well rounded man. So put down the damn eyeliner and pick up a damn book!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: STOP Wasting Your Life Away! STOP Being Blah! This is What YOU Need to Do ASAP!

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What’s your current mood.. at this exact moment?  Are you happy and full of positivity and good vibes?  Or are you sad, angry, depressed, over it, etc.?  Do you feel something missing out of your life?  Are you not giving all you can give in this world? Do you want more from life?

What’s your life consist of?  Something like this, I bet… Wake up.  Get coffee.  Hate your life at work.  Leave work.  Go home.  Order take out.  Go to bed.  Do it all over again.  With the occasional friend/associate who asks to get drinks after work, leaving you with a little buzz and nowhere to go or no one to hang with.  I know, boring…

In return of this sucky and boring life, your mood is always blah! You put on a smile at work, so your coworkers don’t think you’re some low self-esteem junkie who pops pills in her spare time to crack an actual smile outside of the work place.  You don’t have a social life, because you’re just used to hanging at home with your cat and Netflix!

But let’s be real ladies, Orange is the New Black will ALWAYS be there.  Stop wasting your life away and get out there!  Consider taking Bev Knox’s Wellness Boot Camp and allow her to whip that anti-social ass into shape! With her powerful lectures and videos, you can unleash the inner FABULOUS diva that lies within.

Bev can teach you to balance your work and social life, hell… she can teach you to HAVE a damn social life!  This is something you won’t regret, I’m telling you.  Everyone needs a little help in certain areas of their life, and there’s no shame in Bev’s game when it comes to helping ladies to live their most FABULOUS Life!

Don’t be embarrassed, she has loads of helpful tips that can push you in the right direction to becoming a more productive and fabulous woman!   Many women who take Bev’s boot camps have emailed me telling me what a wonderful and more positive life they’re living thanks to her advice!

So I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed!  If you haven’t signed up for Bev’s Wellness Boot Camp, trust me!  Doing so will be the best decision you made all day.  Matter a fact, all week!  No, all YEAR!  You’ll thank me later ladies, you’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Brake-Up Blues to Single Diva! It’s Time to Be the YOU, You Always Wanted to Be, but Couldn’t Because You Were with Your Loser Boyfriend!

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How many of you beautiful ladies have been in a relationship that took over most of your life?!  I’m talking distancing yourself from your friends, moving in with your boo boo, putting bills and such in both of your names… Whether it’s 8 months or 8 years, you know what I’m talking about!

Now, for whatever reason, your relationship has ended.  He cheated, you cheated, financial struggles, differences in major life views, whatever.  You guys just aren’t together.  I get it, it’s hard…  you’ve had to be all for him this entire time, and now he’s not there… It’s just you!  Damn, now you have the break-up blues!

Was there ever anything you didn’t do for yourself because you knew your man didn’t like?  Did hubby boo hate tattoos on women, so you avoided getting those sexy angel wings you wanted on your back for years?  Did your man dislike short hair so much that you haven’t gotten a real hair cut in years?  Annnnnnt… you’re single and FABULOUS now!  Do what the hell you want!  Forget about the damn break-up blues!

Self-esteem is mainly how you feel about yourself.  When you wake up in the morning and get ready for your day, you can walk out feeling one of two ways: 1) down and in the dumps, like you don’t even know why you’re using energy to get out of bed… or 2) HAPPY and full of positivity and good vibes.  Nothing can stop your mood… you are on top of the world!

If you fit in the category of example 1) for so long, because of a relationship that’s now over… news flash!  It’s time to get it together!  You are your own woman!  Act like it!  Chop all your hair off and go get that tattoo you’ve always wanted!  Take a belly dancing class to sexy yourself up a little!  Be YOU!  Do what you want and be the person that you want to be!  If you need a little extra help, sign up for Bev’s Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted.  She will whip your heart into shape in no time.

Bev always says LOOK GOOD = FEEL GOOD!  And she’s sooooo right!  If you take a little more time out your day to look how YOU want, then you will for sure feel better!  Looking your best and feeling your best are the two most important steps in finding yourself and finding your happiness!  So start with this concept… if you look good, you will feel good. And vise versa!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: The Failure to Success Story of My BFF Named Banana! Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll.

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Everyone has had their low points.  Not everyone started straight on the top!  And those 2% who did, were just extremely lucky bitches who never had to work for shit a day in their life!

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl I know, trust me… this story is for real!  I knew this girl, Anna. We all called her Anna Banana.  She’s been in my group of friends for a long time!  Since we were like in middle school!  Banana was the one in the group that got great grades, never got in trouble.  And when we were in college, she was usually the designated driver!  God, gotta love those DDs on Friday nights!

Our sophomore year in college, Banana met Jack (names have been changed for privacy).  Jack was your typical bad ass, we all met him one night in a sleezy biker bar.  He was ripped, dangerous, and sexy as hell!  Everything about him was inviting, and soon enough Banana was hooked.  He was the type of guy that Bev always warns us about.

At first it was cute, the bad boy with our towns most innocent and perfect girl!  They say opposites attract, and that’s pretty much what it was!  Two opposites attracted together so tight that nothing could break them!  They were one, literally.  You didn’t see one without the other.  Jack was her knight in shining armor, holding her books and walking her to class (he didn’t even go to the college), buying her expensive gifts and being the cutest boyfriend ever.

Eventually, without ever knowing this before, Banana started getting these crazy mood swings. She was missing classes, and we never studied or partied together anymore. A group of us saw her one night at that biker bar with a new set of friends, and Jack of course.

But this wasn’t the Banana we all knew and grew up with.  This Banana was drugged the f#$% out, swaying from side to side and leaning on her new friends for physical support. She had turned into a flat out junkie.  Sluttying it up on the bar with those whores, publicly trying to rape Jack on a bar stool, this wasn’t the Banana we knew!

Skipping a few months, Banana wasn’t looking too good.  Eventually though, we had a little group meeting, MINUS JACK!  We made sure he was nowhere to be found, because what we had to talk about we were sure he wouldn’t approve.  Jack had brainwashed our precious Banana, and turned her into this monster we didn’t even know!

She at first tried to deny it, and said nothing changed….she was just spending more time with her man and his group of friends!  But we didn’t back down, we told her straight up how it was!  And she didn’t like it.  But it had to be said. We literally had a straight up intervention.  Its to bad the cameras weren’t rolling, cause I would have been in Hollywood by now.

If you are a really good friend, you will tell your friend what she needs to hear to set her straight….whether she likes it or not!  Months and months have gone by, and Banana is doing so much better!  I am glad that she was able to turn her life around.  Some people are in so deep that they don’t get a chance to get out of it.

So, Banana dumped her loser boyfriend, and started going to classes.  Unfortunately, she failed last semester and had to retake all her cources.  But that’s ok, she has picked up her grades and doing much better in school!  She’s stopped doing drugs (with the help of a counselor) and accepted her past as just a phase she was going through.  She’s even found what she wants to do with her life, be a drug and alcohol counselor!

I’m so proud of my Banana, because she is a perfect example at how life throws unexpected curve balls your way all the time!  You never know what might happen if you don’t stay on track to living a positive and well balanced life.  And when you do start to stray, hopefully you have a good support system to whip that ass right back into place!

So like I said, whether you’re starting to go left, or have been at rock bottom for a few months, it can ALWAYS get better.  You just have to believe in yourself and put in the necessary work to become a better person!  If Banana can do it, with all she’s been through, I’m 100% confident that you can too!  I want to hear your Failure to Success story, so don’t be scared to shoot me an email Ziggy@BevKnox.com.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: What to Do When Your “Ex” Wants You Back. Should You Give Him a Second Chance? Hell-to-the-NO!

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Boyyyyy, do I have a story for you!  Every now and then, you’ll read the occasional blog about me bitching about my ex boo thang!  It took me forever to get over that mother BEEP!

BUT, do you know how I got over ‘em without slashing tires or egging houses (this is is JOKE, I would never do that… only psychos do crap like that)?!  I got FABULOUS Advice from Bev… I know, even the Relationship MASTER needs a little help from her Fairy god-Diva sometimes…

Whether you are the dumper, or the one being dumped, breaking off a relationship is never easy!  The whole point of being in a relationship is to accept each other for who they are, flaws and all (well lets be real here, it all depends on the damn flaws!), and to work with it.  No matter what!  That’s what separates a boyfriend/girlfriend from someone you are just messing around with or talking too.

But when the tough gets going, and you’re no longer interested in having a relationship with that person, for whatever reason, then it needs to be over. You should see it as a lesson learned.  Done.  Fi-ni-to!  You don’t break up with someone with the intentions on getting back together!  I HATE that shit!  I know girls who break up to make up almost daily, and it’s sickening.  Like, why waste your time!?  You’re clearly breaking up for a reason!  Look, if you need help in learning how to break up with someone and NEVER go back, Ask Bev… She will Help YOU!

So when you’re all said and done, and you gave him back all his comfy sweats and other things that remind him of you and got the closure you needed, there is no reason why you should ever let him know you’re thinking about him.  To this day I still think about a particular ex-boyfriend when our favorite song comes on the radio.  But he doesn’t know that… and he never will!

An ex is an ex for a reason.  An ex is an EXample as to why you shouldn’t be together.  You’re not broken up for stupid ass reasons, I HOPE!  Things didn’t work out.  Acknowledge that shit and keep it moving.  It sucks… and going through the “getting to know you phase” with someone else also sucks.  But like I said, they are your ex for a reason!

It always goes down like this though: you move on emotionally, finally, and the mother effer starts coming back with the bullshit… “I miss you baby!”  and “You’re the only one for me!” are ones I’ve heard countless times from my ex, because that asshole realized that leaving me for your booty of the week was the stupidest thing he ever did!

When your ex tries to hit you up on some I miss you baby bullshit, RUN THE OTHER WAY!  It’s a trap, and you better not be the dumb broad who gets sucked back up into that… I’m telling you, they would NOT be even bothering with you if you were running back to them… so do them and yourself a favor and don’t entertain it.

I’m telling you, they are like scumbags when they realize they lost something good!  Trust me ladies, as Bev always tells me, they are like city busses, a new one comes ever fifteen minutes!  She is SO right.  Stop trying to make a knight in shining armor from a loser in tin foil.

Be patient, don’t go back to him because you’re lonely.  Sign up for Bev’s Boot Camp for the Broken Hearted.   Patience, young grasshopper. Better things await you. You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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