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You can transform your life! You are FABULOUS! So BE FABULOUS!

Thoughts are real. What exists, exists first in the heart, soul and mind. The entire Universe began as a thought in the mind of God. By creating and affirming a clear picture of your crowned-self in your mind, you can quite literally make your dreams into realities.

You possess the inherent inner power to create wealth, health, love and virtually any and everything you desire in your life. Did you know that the secular world is heavily invested in your never discovering your true identity? It wants you to read these words and doubt. This is when you call on God.

You must be bold, stubborn, and defiant in the face of negation. This world may hate you. God adores you. Laws of Attraction are Always in Place in the Universe. This power does not involve force or obsession. It is a free-flowing and natural process.

One need only visualize, affirm, then let go of their attachment to the thing desired. Let it go, and it will come. Masters of creative visualization teach that if you simply see yourself as rich, not only will you be rich; you are rich.

You can Visualize the YOU you Desire! You can visualize yourself into being more beautiful than women like Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, Catherine Zeta Jones or Janet Jackson. You can manifest the man of your dreams by simply visualizing him into your life. Imagine conjuring up your own personal Denzel, Clooney or Brad.

Through the resplendent power of creative visualization you can do, have and be anything you desire. Do you really believe that? One of the basic tenets of the Bible; “As a (wo)man thinketh, so shall (s)he be.” There are many teachings on variations of the belief that our thoughts create our reality.

Creative visualization is a grand and delightful extension of that universal precept in action. Whenever we decide and set our intentions in this way, all the powers of the Universe converge to support us. If God and the Universe are on your side it does not matter who or what stands against you.




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Visualize YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF! – Part I

Your Mind Power is the art of training your mind to work with your subconscious mind to create the life you want.  Developing Mind Power is a practice that requires consistency and commitment.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  —Napoleon Hill

The following section is about visualization, affirmation and inspirational thought.

What would the perfect YOU look like? Can you imagine her? Look deep within. YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF is there.  She is there upon the throne of inner-Reality waiting patiently for you to wake from the dream of non-reality.  If you can conjure the image of her in your mind, you can be YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF!  For this YOU were created by God, Your Highness.  Creative visualization miraculously manifests the life God has created for you and the life you desire if you know how to use it.  Using it is simple.

Creative visualization is the practice of implementing imagination, mind over matter techniques, affirmations, etc., to create your own reality.  Using it in conjunction with a rich prayer life is tremendously POWERFUL!  Everything in your life today was brought into being through your personal power, magnetism, thoughts, words and imaginings.  You may or may not have been consciously aware of the process, but you have already created your own reality. Through God, you have been blessed with the power to manifest your own Reality.

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Lets talk about Failure…

Identifying past failures is part of the discovery process of revealing who you really are. After identifying such failures, you will then begin to set goals for becoming YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF. We use our Balance Pie Chart to indicate areas of concern and each failure in that particular area. If you are a normal breathing human being, as I am certain that you are, you have failed numerous times at something or another.

You have some catching up to do in regards to obtaining the right ingredients for your pie. You, like all of us, have made numerous mistakes and are not quite sure where to begin. Well, listen up, hold on to your designer pumps, because we are about to get started.

Let’s talk about failure. We all have experienced failure in certain if not most aspects of our life… —or in each piece of our pie. Think about it… we’ve all failed at something or some things or most things, or damn near everything.

I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success. –Albert Einstein.

Now lets go back in time a bit… please allow me to lead. You started walking and you fell down… you started writing and spelled everything incorrectly… you started dancing and you were always off beat… you started dating and got dumped most of the time… you started working and got fired… you started a diet and gained more weight… you started to pray and fell by the wayside… you started your own business and it went belly up… you started to save money and everything got spent… you got married and are now divorced… you started to bake your pie and didn’t know the ingredients to use… and so on, and so on, you get the picture.

We are all human, some of us more so than others… and we all do make mistakes. Yes, we fail sometimes. “Today is an acceptable time that the Lord has given us to live, and we must do so while we still have the ability. Don’t wait for tomorrow to start living today” (Cornish, 2000).

I cannot think of anyone who has never experienced failure. I have failed on many levels. The difference about me is that I am skilled, like many of you, in picking my face up off the floor, starting over and accomplishing my goals the next time around. “Every man fails. Champions simply get back up… and begin again” (Murdock, 2002). This is a skill that everyone should learn, and this is definitely what you will learn from this book…

Henry Ford said it best, “failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” Do you understand this statement? Let us go over it again. Failure, is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. This is one of the most brilliant quotes that I have ever heard. So of course I had to put my two cents in, Bev Knox says “failure is the opportunity given, sometimes twice, to damn well know, that you’re NOT going there a third time.” Never, Never, Never!!!

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Words of Wisdom to “Rescuers” By: Bruce Fisher, ED.D.

A rescuer is a person who creates relationships with someone who needs rescuing.  It feels so good for the rescuer to find someone to rescue, and it feels so good for the person needing rescuing, that often the two people end up being in a committed relationship with each other; an over-responsible person in relationship with an under-responsible person. I taught about 2,000 people ending a relationship in the Rebuilding class and the majority of them described their last relationship as an over-and-under-responsible relationship.

You rescuers can easily believe you are “superior” to those who need rescuing. You believe you are doing all of these wonderful things that will get you brownie points in Heaven.  It’s true the things you get done are impressive.  You are doing many kind deeds to and for others.  Many times you provided an environment that allowed the other person to make tremendous personal growth.  However, it is helpful to realize that your rescuing is often controlling others, keeping them smaller, weaker, dependent, and unable to do things for themselves.  Your need to rescue someone means you will have to keep then in a need of rescuing.

How did you become a rescuer?  During your formative years, your emotional development became stunted. You stopped getting all of your needs met. You compensated by finding another little child in someone else who had also stopped growing.  You began to give to them the things you were wishing someone would give to you.  It made you feel better but it set up a dangerous precedent.  You began being so involved in helping another that you were able to avoid looking at how much you needed to take care of yourself.  You began the development of an adaptive-survivor part in order to feel better and get more of your needs met.

There are a wide variety of situations that could have encouraged your to develop a rescuer pattern of behavior.  Sometimes you felt frustrated because you weren’t getting enough attention or love.  Sometimes you learned you could manipulate your environment be developing adaptive behaviors.  Sometimes you felt very criticized and became adaptive to feel better instead of feeling not okay.  Sometimes you suffered from a lack of parenting because your parents were not around or were especially weak in parenting skills.  Sometimes everyone around you were under-responsible, perhaps even in an altered state due to drugs of some sort.  You learned to be an over-responsible, rescuer in order to deep your family functioning.

If you were to make a list of the many adaptive/survivor behaviors you could have chosen being a rescuer was probably the best choice you could have made.  It helped you make the most of your situation. It not only helped you to get more needs met, it often was very helpful to the people around you.  It worded well in your formative years.  It doesn’t work as well in your adult relationships.

Relationships that are over/under often become stressful and sometimes end.  Rescuers often become emotionally drained.  The last stage of the relationship usually includes anger because you have given so much and received so little.  You aren’t able to see you contribution to the problem.  You have difficulty taking so even if they tried to give to you, you would have trouble receiving.  For you, it is easier to give that to receive.

The system of interaction between the two people can become upset.  Here are some examples. The couple have a baby and the rescuer is too busy with the baby to continue rescuing the partner.  The rescuer finds a stronger identity by doing self-care. (This always feels selfish to rescuers when they start becoming responsible to self instead of over-responsible.) The person who is  under-responsible becomes tired of being controlled and either leaves the relationship.  Any one of these “upsetting-the-system behaviors” can contribute to the ending of the relationship.  If asked, you can usually identify when the system began to change.  This can be the beginning of the end of your relationship.  It is possible to change within the relationship without it ending, but both parties have to have awareness plus good communication to do this.

Leaving the relationship will not help rescuers to change.  Instead you will probably find another person needing rescuing and create another over/under relationship.  The challenge is to change the relationship with yourself be learning to become responsible for self instead of being either over-or under-responsible. It usually includes learning to take emotionally, instead of always emotionally giving to another.  It means giving to yourself the things that you didn’t get enough of in your formative years.

Think of the wonderful things that could happen if you transformed your well-developed “giving to others part” into a “giving to yourself part.”  You might find the happiness, contentment, and inner peace that you deserve.  Good luck on your journey.

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