A Word to You Guys. Women in Power Should NOT be Intimidating… It’s Totally SEXY!!!! Get with the Program!

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All through history, women everywhere have been known to be the cooks, cleaners, and baby makers.  We’re supposed to stay at home with the kids and make sure dinner is ready to be served by the time our man comes home!

Well, NEWS FLASH!!  Things are changing; we’re in a whole new era of powerful and dominant women! Woman are distributing the money while hubbies all over stay home and watch the kids and have dinner ready! Women are in higher power positions, like lawyers, doctors and CEOs.

Also, the once negative idea that women couldn’t do anything but lay down and have children is DEMOLISHED!!!  Women are much more than that.  Men are the stay at home dads, and I’m lovin’ it!

In my favorite show, Sex & the City, Miranda is the top lawyer in her firm.  She’s making all the money, and all the rules as well.  She’s the head honcho and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.  Men are even intimidated by her, some not wanting to date her because she makes more money than them.

My question to all my male readers is this: Why WOULDN’T you want your woman to be full of positive vibes and be totally successful?!?!?  Would you prefer your woman to be some crack head ass hoe who’s nickling and diming you every three seconds for a new purse or pair of shoes?!

The answer is NO!  You want an independent woman who can do her own shit!  You want a woman who’s not going to wait around for you to make the money, but her to come home with it already made.  Some of you men have it backwards, I swear.

Instead of worrying about her making more money than you, you should be more focused on your income and you being a good equal partner for her!  Relationships are fifty fifty.  Not anything less over a little more.  You gotta put in what you want out of the relationship. So worrying about her income being more than yours is petty and unessecary.

Bottom line ladies, is that women in power are SEXY!!  Be you, do you and LOVE YOU!!  Don’t let any man make you underestimate yourself, just because of the amount of money you make.  Women are slowly but damn sure surely taking over this world!  Don’t be one of those bumpkins who are stuck in the previous century.  Get with it girl!  You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Is Inner Beauty MORE BEAUTIFUL Than Your Physical Appearance? Balance YOUR Inner & Outer Goddess!

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Hey ladies, Ziggy here!  I know this FABulous woman, and she NEVER wears makeup.  She’s your typical diva, doing her hair for hours, spending forever trying to find an outfit for the club, work, the whole nine.  But her frickin face is flawless and feels no need to wear make-up.  Not even mascara!

She is totally fabulous with a great personality.  The only difference between her and the rest of our friends is that she doesn’t care about eye-shadows and mascaras and foundation…where as the rest of us are obsessed!!!!  I’m not going to lie.  I wear foundation and mascara daily like it’s my religion.  I’m one of those girls that “cant leave the house without it”.

I have my personal reasons though, I got my fathers side of the genes when it comes to facial acne!  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!  Also though, me wearing makeup doesn’t affect my personality, although for a LOT of women, it does…

There’s SO much more to a face than the makeup it’s got piled on it.  Women now a days are trying to look like a chick in a magazine, and not their beautiful selves.  What’s wrong with you woman, get it together!!!

You don’t need pounds and pounds of makeup to make yourself relevant to anyone!   Another point I want to make really quick is not about the makeup you apply, but HOW you apply it.  You literally don’t need $80 of MAC on your face to go to dinner with your new cutie patootie boyfriend.  You just need a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.  Play with new things, learn what fits your face and what doesn’t flatter you.

What brings out your eyes?  What lipstick looks good with your hair color?  These are things you need to think about when prettying up your face! And it’s not hard girl.  Just play with a few different things, you’ll get the hang of it.

Bottom line is you can have all the makeup on in the world and still have a shitty personality!  So that pretty face wont even get noticed because you don’t know how to act.  Sign up for Bev Knox Video Lectures and get your mind right!  Trust me, I’ve seen it happen to many women!

You need to balance your inner and outer goddess out.  As Bev always puts it, LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD AND STAY FABULOUS!!  You will totally thank me later ladies, you’re so welcome!! :)

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: My Latest Addiction… The L Word! Lesbian Love…

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Lord have merccyyyyyy ladies, now you know when I tell you I’m hooked on a new show, it’s the real freaking deal!  And this, my friend, is the real deal.  I’m literally obsessed with the ten series show The L Word. This show is all about some California livin’ lesbians and their day to daylives.

It’s an older series, like Sex & the City, so that’s another reason why I like it.  Because if you know me, you KNOW I love me some sex and the city. The main characters are couple Bet and Tina, who have been together for like seven years. They are trying to have a baby but then Bet cheats—wait!  I don’t wanna give it away!

Then there’s Dana and Alice, who started off as friends but eventually fell in love with each other when Dana was dating some PR bitch who just wasn’t good for her.  They’re my favorite couple, because they are just goofy and down to earth and silly. Their love is pure and innocent. I absolutely love it!!

Oh em gee, then there’s Shane!  She’s my favorite character because she just doesn’t give a f*** about anything!  She lives her life day today, and does whatever she wants with whomever she wants whenever she wants! She’s your typical dude…but she’s a chick!  Make sense!

The story follows her attempt to be a hair dresser (which she’s BEAST at) and her different little love affairs. Then there’s innocent little jenny. She was with this guy for a while and they just got engaged when he caught her cheating on him WITH ANOTHER WOMAN!  Go figure… But after that break up she pretty much becomes a lesbian.  But I don’t wanna tell you too much about that situation, because it’s so deep and I don’t wanna give anything away.

This show is real, and full of love and passion and romance!  Oh, and SEX!!! There’s loads of that!  I love it! It’s all over the place!!  It leaves me laughing, crying, and ready to launch my laptop across the room. There’s too much emotion in this show, but I love it!

If you’re ready to have all of the above… you better get yourself a little netflix account and hop to it!  I have no affiliation with Netflix and I am NOT getting paid to tell you this (I wish I were).  There’s ten seasons out, and I’m only on the second one!  But trust me, after I finish this article I will be sitting here watching it all night.  I love it, and you will too.  Trust me!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Jealously & Friendships… What’s a Girl to do When Her BFF is a Jealous Ass Friend?!

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Okay ladies, I’m going to write about something that I’m pretty sure you can ALL relate.  Jealous ass friends!  

If you’re handling your business, with a great love life and personal fulfillment on the side, you are bound to have jealous friends.  And I’m not talking about those stank bitches that you KNOW don’t like you because they’re haters.  I’m talking about actually friends.  The women that love and care for you, but although they’d take a bullet for you, they’re still a little envious.  You know what I mean…

I have this friend and her name is Meg (names have been changed for privacy purposes).  Meg is pretty freaking awesome!  We met back at our old job, and stayed friends after we both left the business.  We hang out all the time, go clubbing together, the beach, the grocery store, you name it.  She’s a real best friend.

I started noticing jealousy traits when she would kinda-sorta put me down in public without even noticing it… kinda to make herself feel better.  For the first few weeks I let it slide, because I’m not petty and kinda don’t give a rats ass.  I got this!  My self esteem is through the roof, thanks to Bev Knox Lectures! For REAL!  You all should really consider taking one or all of them!

One night, we were out at the bar having a few drinks with our guy friends.  They were watching football and we were just looking for an excuse to have a few beers on a sunny Sunday afternoon!  So in walks this GORGEOUS man… looking all fine and tall and perfect.  Ugh, I just knew his number had to be in my phone by the end of the night.  And when that time came, I was all over it. Watch out now!

I dropped Meg off on my way home, because she lived so close to me.  And amongst our good byes and “see you tomorrow’s” she busted out into tears, telling me that she’s jealous of me.  For what reason, to this day I don’t know.

I’ve never given this girl a reason to be jealous over me.  I’ve never taken the spotlight or stole one of her men. I’m not like that.  I just chill and send out good vibes, so good vibes come back to me.  And I guess that was hard for her to understand. It bothered me a lot, but I let her vent and walked her to her door.  Maybe it’s the beers talking, who knows.

I did a little more research on this situation though.  I asked my other friends (without mentioning who I was talking about) if I had ever made them feel jealous of me for any reason whatsoever.  And they all responded back with the same answer, hell no!  So I stayed confused for a while, not understanding why this girl was dead ass “jealous of me”….

Now, a few months later and still friends with this lady, I can say I understand why the jealousy factor hit.   And I’m going to slam it on you bitches good.  When you’re doing well for yourself, and you look good because you take care of yourself, and you’re doing what you have to do to be an accomplished woman in today’s world… you’re going to have people out there who are NOT on the same level as you.  Whether you have a nicer body, a hotter man, or a better car, there is always going to be someone out there who is a little jealous of what you have.

My advice to you women who are dealing with a jealous friend is to let them remain jealous.  The only time someone is jealous of you is because they’re not doing what it takes to be on the same level as you.  Life isn’t a race, and you don’t have to be better than everyone else to live a happy life.  Just do what works best for you and that should be all you need.  You will totally thank me later, you’re wlcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Bev Knox Video Commentary on Self-Esteem… Current Research on Self-Esteem in Race, Gender & SES are Explored.

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Self-esteem is an individual’s overall and specific positive and negative self-evaluation.  Self-esteem is different than self-concept. Self-concept reflects beliefs and cognition about the self, and self-esteem is more self-oriented (Feldman, 2013).

Self-esteem develops in important ways during middle childhood.  At age seven, most children have self-esteem that reflects a global, fairly simple view of themselves.  If their overall self-esteem is positive, they believe that they are relatively good at all things.  If their overall self-esteem is negative, they feel that they are inadequate at most things (Feldman, 2013).

As children progress into the middle childhood years, their self-esteem is higher for some areas and lower in others.  Children increasingly compare themselves to other, and as they do, they asses how well they measure up to society’s standards.  In addition they increasingly develop their own internal standards of success and they can see how well they compare to those (Feldman, 2013).

Overall self-esteem is high during middle school but begins to decline around the age of twelve.  The main reason for the decline is the school transition that typically occurs around this age (Feldman, 2013).

The cycle of low self-esteem starts as followed: 1. Low self-esteem. 2. Low performance expectations. 3. Reduced effort and high anxiety, which results in actual failure (Feldman, 2013).

Low self-esteem in race is apparent as well.  Research has shown that minorities have lower self-esteem due to prejudicial attitudes in society that made them feel disliked or rejected (Dukes, 2014).  If you were a member of a racial group whose members routinely experienced prejudice and discrimination, it seems reasonable to predict that your self-esteem would be affected (Feldman, 2013).

Early researchers confirmed that hypothesis and found that African Americans had lower self-esteem than whites.  Although white children initially show higher self-esteem than African American children, black children begin to show slightly higher self-esteem around age 11.  This shift occurs as African American children become more closely identified with their racial group, develop more complex views of racial identity and increasingly view the positive aspects of their group membership (Feldman, 2013).

Hispanic children also show an increase in self-esteem towards the end of middle child hood even in adolescence their self-esteem still trails that of whites.  Overall blacks and Hispanic males had the highest levels of self-esteem.  Asians and Native Americans have the lowest levels of self-esteem (Dukes, 2014).  Several factors make a difference in determining self-esteem.  Socioeconomic status and race are also influence self-esteem. Adolescents of higher socio economic status generally have higher self-esteem than those of lower self-esteem (Feldman, 2013).

Gender also makes a difference in self-esteem.  During adolescence, girls’ self-esteem tends to be lower and more venerable than boys (Feldman, 2013).  Compared to boys, girls tend to be more concerned about physical appearance and social success, in addition to academic achievement.   Although boys are also concerned about these things, their attitudes are often more casual.  Generally self-esteem is higher in adolescent’s boys than girls, boys do have vulnerabilities of their own.

Society’s stereotypical gender expectations may lead boys to feel that they should be confident, tough and fearless at all times. Boys facing difficulties such as not making a sports team, or rejection from a girl they wanted to date are likely to feel miserable and incompetent (Feldman, 2013). Overall die to society’s harsh criticism and picture of what females should look like, males have higher self-esteem.

As you can see, self-esteem is a serious matter that varies from all ages, races, genders and economic status. Due to the ideal image of what society should look like, people all across the world suffer from low self-esteem. Kids as young as age seven have self-esteem issues.

Parents can break this cycle by promoting their child’s self-esteem.  The best way to do this is through authoritative childbearing (Feldman, 2013).  Remind your children how beautiful, smart and great they are and that the media should not be able to determine how you look or feel about yourself.  And remind yourself of the same.


Dukes, Richard L., and Ruben Martinez. “The impact of gender on self-esteem among adolescents.” Adolescence 29.113 (1994): 105+. Academic One File. Web. 22 Apr. 2014.

Feldman, Robert S.. Development Across the Life Span. : Pearson, 2014. Print.


Ziggy Thunder: Drinking And DRIVING is BAD!!! I repeat B A D!!! Keep Your Pimple-face Snot-Nose Kid Out of Your Liquor Cabinets!

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Ok, so let’s get real about the issue of teen drinking… Many kids (teens and young adults) are drinking more and more these days, and the age that they start is getting younger and younger.   The average kid starts drinking at age 14.  So by the time they’re actually 21, imagine what their drinking habits are like.

Whether we know it or not, and whether we like it or not, drinking is becoming a HUGE deal and problem in our society today.  Whether we’re the parents of these kids, or the victim of the fatal car accident they caused, or an innocent person standing by, teen drinking affects EVERYONE around them!

Lets just get straight to the stats… over 2,000 teens are killed per year because of alcohol!  And the shitty part is ADULTS ARE MAKING IT POSSIBLE!!!  Yes, I said it ADULTS!  I found this great video by Breanna Goodman called Teens and Drunk Driving. Check it out Below.

Parents who allow their kids to “only drink in the house” to try and keep them safe are failing… Tell me something, why the hell are you going to allow your damn underage pimple-face pre-teen, to drink hard liquor?… Are you CRAZY!  Were you absent the day God was handing out brains?!  YOU are the damn problem!  Again, I am not even talking about a glass of damn wine with dinner like they do in Italy.  You are providing your underage kids with access to your liquor cabinet.  Again, YOU are CRAZY and I am calling you out!  You sicko’s who want to “act” hip by letting your little mini-mee do whatever the hell they want.

Liquor store cashiers who aren’t carding these kids are failing.   A lot of this shit can be avoided if we just keep track of our kids and watch their movements when it comes to liquor!   I remember some teeny boppin’ ass kid asking me if I could go in the liquor store and get them a beer, and I simply laughed in their face and said “Hell no!  I’m too pretty to be in jail over you!”  IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!!  Don’t think otherwise, ever!

Not everyone who gets in a drunk driving accident dies, ya know..  A lot of people end up with serious body damage and face scars that they’re left with for life!  You could loose a leg, an arm, your sight, you’re anything! You don’t always die when you get in an accident, and sometimes the end result is worse than death itself.

I think the only way to cut back on teen drinking is to be responsible adults, monitor the liquor stores, and limit the alcohol at home. Pay attention to what your kids are getting interested in and know the signs!

There are plenty of books, youtube videos, and websites you can look at to educate you and your damn pimple-faced wanna be grown pre-alcoholic brat about the dangers of teenage drinking!  Don’t thank me, thank yourself.  Do the right thing and say NO to teenage drinking.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder’s Review of the Movie Addicted… SEXY, SEXY, SEXY! Move Over 50 Shades of Grey!

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Ladies, ladies, ladies!!  It’s Tuesday, meaning the #1 movie in America has been out for four whole days!  Have you seen the sexy drama Addicted!  No?  Well I’m telling you now.  After reading this article, you ought to grab you a sexy man and buy your tickets!

First of all, let me just say Sharon Leal did the damn thing playing this part!  Not only was she stylishly on point in EVERY scene, but also her attitude and with was perfect for the sex addicted character known as Ms. Zoey Reynard.

Zoey had it all, from the beautiful husband and family to the fabulous big-time career.  But it wasn’t enough. Home-girl was addicted to getting it in!  And I mean come on, who wouldn’t with her three mates (Boris Kodjoe, the all time sexy William Levy, and the magnificent Tyson Beckford) seducing her and loving her every second of the film! Let’s be real ladies, the producer couldn’t have picked sexier men for this film!  I’d love to be Ms. Leal!! Holler!

Along with the movies extreme sex scenes and lovemaking, there was a real message behind this movie. There are a million and one addictions in this world, from drugs and alcohol to food and sex!  Yes, you can be addicted to sex!!

Nothing was wrong in Zoey’s life.  She literally had it all.  But it wasn’t enough…she physically needed more. Love, romance and family simply couldn’t fulfill Zoey’s need for kinky and freaky sex with other men!  She even said to her therapist in the film that she knew she had a problem!!

I don’t want to give too much away, but giiiiiirl… let me tell you, this film is a MUST SEE as soon as possible. This isn’t one of those “watch when it comes out on DVD” kinda films.  This is a grab your man and go NOW flicks!  I saw it with my friend and we laughed, cried, “Wow’d” and everything! Sheesh, I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

One more point that I want to make about this wonderful movie is that it was based on real life situations with everyday women. Women are going through this sickness all over the world, and people are just looking at is as being slutty or being a whore.  Really, they need to check out Bev Knox Personal Development Lectures.   When shit went down and Zoey’s husband caught her being bad, he instinctively assumed she was just cheating on him because she doesn’t love him.

But towards the end of the movie, he realized that not only did she have a serious problem, but also she wasn’t doing anything to intentionally hurt the man she genuinely loved.  Oh man ladies, this is some real shit!  I want to seee it again.  It was that great!!  So like I said, make your way to the theater right now and see what I believe was the best movie out in months!  You’ll thank me later.  You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Happily Ever After?! Has Snow White and Sleeping Beauty Brainwashed Us Women!!?! Create Your Own Damn Happily Ever After!

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When I was younger, my mother would train me to think about things in a critical way, always looking at things form multiple perspectives, and not just accepting what is presented.  She never let me watch Disney princess movies like Snow White or Cinderella without asking me how I felt about the role of the main character! Her reasons were many, but mostly “You do NOT need a man to make your happily ever after Ziggy!!”   Your happily ever after is up to you!

So, it got me thinking.  Why did Disney make EVERY (ok most) princess character need a man to get her happily ever after?!  Think about it… Sleeping Beauty needed a man to come kiss her to get rid of the spell.   Princess Ariel defied her father numerous times so she can go on land and be with her human boyfriend.   Cinderella needed a man to bring her shoe back to her, why couldn’t she go get it her damn self!?!?

In MY damn opinion, Disney made women look WEAK!  And I agree with my mother, I don’t like it one bit! Why doesn’t Disney make these women strong and independent ladies who save themselves and do NOT need the aid of a man to make their happily ever after come true?  #Icant.

Instead of these beautiful young ladies needing a man to make everything better, the man should have come once they got their shit together! This just shows girls at a young age that they need a man to do the things they could have been raised themselves to do!

Along with this dependency on men bullshit, young girls also have toys that let the world know that they’re just meant to be stay at home moms and not entrepreneurs. Babies are raising babies… baby dolls are on the market that can cry, poop, and eat like real babies. Why is this what our young girls are stuck with!?

Why couldn’t mommies buy their babies little doctor sets or lawyer briefcases instead of teaching them to be teen moms! I hate it! People don’t see it but they’re def being brainwashed into living one specific way!   News flash! This isn’t the 50’s!   Women are doing big things MAN!

We are powerful in more ways than one!  Women are in politics and government offices now, they’re up there in sports and other competitive activities, and they’re the bread winners while their men stay at home with the kids! This isn’t the 60 and 70’s where we sit around at home and wait for a man to save the day!  WE are doing the saving, as it always should have been!

In all my years of living, I haven’t seen one Disney movie that shows the woman in power, UNLESS she is the villain!  And that sucks!  Where’s the woman who saves the day!?  Where’s the lady superhero who has to save the helpless man!?  Exactly. Can someone prove me wrong?!  I’ll wait….

Disney people… Yes I am calling on you!  Make more movies with positive images of women.  I am going to have 117 daughters one day, and would love to take them to see your movies.  Just think of all the money you would make on movie tickets. Come on, do it for Ziggy!  You will thank me later. You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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