Ziggy Thunder: My Opinion on the Issue of TWERKING!! Hot Asses Like Amber Rose…

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Do YOU know what the term “twerking” is?!  Have you been out to the club with your friends and seeing girls all over twerking it up all around the place!?

According to http://www.urbandictionary.com, the term twerk means: The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience…

REGULAR TALK: shaking your booty like Jell-O in an up and down motion… I posted a video so you could see what I’m talking about. That video is all Russian dancers who were twerking in a studio, so it’s a little more rehearsed and choreographed, but everyone twerks now a days!

I’m not too sure how I feel about twerking.  I’m not 100% against it, but I’m not too crazy about it either! Twerking, like anything else that can attract negative attention, has become so out of this world that it’s now just a slutty way of dancing!  You see so many celebrities now jumping on the twerking bandwagon, even if they do not have a damn butt, ass, backside, boomboom, or whatever you want to call it.  I’m not into it, but Amber Rose really makes it look SEXY!  Check out Amber doing her thing.

Before twerking was known as “twerking”, girls just went to the club and shook their booty and called it a day! Come on, you know you were one of those girls in the middle of the dance floor getting your groove on!  But now, it’s only seen as trying to get sexual attention by putting booty shorts on and making your butt shake like a bowl of Jell-O!

To be honest, only because of the negative publicity twerking gets, I’m not that into it.. It used to be fun to dance to the music and have a good time without any sluttyness, but now.. I just stick to doing the sprinkler and other silly dance moves when I’m out in the club.  I don’t need attention by shaking my rump, I know what I got going on!

Like I said, I’m not against twerking per say, but I am against women doing stupid shit to draw negative attention to their jiggly-parts.   Is that what you want to be known as!?  The stupid chick who’s just known for making her ass jiggle in the club!?  No thank you, you can miss me with that!  Can I get an AMEN!?!  I’ll wait…

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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What to Do When YOUR “EX” Wants You Back… Learn About Codependent Relationships & Words of Wisdom to Rescuers…

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Excerpt from Bev’s Book: 

Sometimes you will find that the “EX” from hell will try to get back in your good graces.  He may want to get back together with you.  Remember, you broke up with him, or he broke up with you for a reason.  Remember the pain and agony he has put you through.  Remember the sleepless nights and the uncontrollable crying. Remember the self-doubt and low sense of self you experienced during or after the brake-up.  Of course for you stronger women out there, remember how he ruined your new designer shoes after you beat his ass with one of them.  Remember! Remember!  Remember!

breadup1                   sad6

I do not recommend to anyone, that they revisit the idea of entering into another romantic relationship with their “EX.”  Again, there is a reason, or reasons, that he is your “EX.”  I know the image is there, stuck in your head, and you should never forget it.  Whenever he tries to CON you into taking him back, close your eyes and remember everything he did that broke you.

Even after you tried to train his ass into a decent human being, he has reverted back and is still that same degenerate slime that “he is” and that you left behind.  You can hose and scrub a swine/pig clean, and even spray sweet smelling perfume on him… but a minute later, he runs, rolls and covers himself again in the dirty mud. Why?  Because he is most comfortable there, in the mud.

To be fair, I must state that there are some occasions where second chances result in successful endings. This is most likely to happen, however, when intensive therapy is given to both parties.  Because of some cultural or religious beliefs on separation or divorce, reconciliation is encouraged by such belief systems, when the person who has left wants to return into the relationship.

In this instance, couples counseling is greatly advised especially in cases where young children are involved.  It is bad enough when couples torment each other with their emotional instability, back and forth “so called” relationship with each other, but it is a complete different ballgame when children are involved.  Family counseling is always advised in such cases and is strongly recommended.

———Journal Exercise———

This is a great place to stop and take a break. Please get your journal out and find the page “The Ex From Hell.” Draw a line down the middle and write the heading “good” on one side, and the heading “bad” on the other side. Now, make a list of all the horrible things that this man has done to you and your children, and then all the good things. I am sure that the bad is a lot longer than the good.   If writing out your list brings up intense emotional or obsessive thoughts, please consult with a professional counselor.

list                    list1

A lot of women feel that they have to rescue their man… —to save him from himself and a life of misery without them; to help him feel better about himself and so on, and so on; that it is their job to protect this man from himself.  This is a sick and unhealthy thought.  For those of us who are still stuck in that stage, pay close attention to the following then sign up for Bev Knox Wellness Boot Camp, and then Bev Knox Dating & Relationship Boot Camp.

Words of Wisdom to “Rescuers” By: Bruce Fisher, ED.D.

A rescuer is a person who creates relationships with someone who needs rescuing. It feels so good for the rescuer to find someone to rescue, and it feels so good for the person needing rescuing, that often the two people end up being in a committed relationship with each other; an over-responsible person in relationship with an under-responsible person. I taught about 2,000 people ending a relationship in the Rebuilding class and the majority of them described their last relationship as an over-and-under-responsible relationship.

You rescuers can easily believe you are “superior” to those who need rescuing. You believe you are doing all of these wonderful things that will get you brownie points in Heaven. It’s true the things you get done are impressive. You are doing many kind deeds to and for others. Many times you provided an environment that allowed the other person to make tremendous personal growth.

However, it is helpful to realize that your rescuing is often controlling others, keeping them smaller, weaker, dependent, and unable to do things for themselves. Your need to rescue someone means you will have to keep them in a need of rescuing.

How did you become a rescuer? During your formative years, your emotional development became stunted.   You stopped getting all of your needs met. You compensated by finding another little child in someone else who had also stopped growing. You began to give to them the things you were wishing someone would give to you. It made you feel better but it set up a dangerous precedent. You began being so involved in helping another that you were able to avoid looking at how much you needed to take care of yourself. You began the development of an adaptive-survivor part in order to feel better and get more of your needs met.

There are a wide variety of situations that could have encouraged you to develop a rescuer pattern of behavior. Sometimes you felt frustrated because you weren’t getting enough attention or love.   Sometimes you learned you could manipulate your environment by developing adaptive behaviors.   Sometimes you felt very criticized and became adaptive to feel better instead of feeling not okay. Sometimes you suffered from a lack of parenting because your parents were not around or were especially weak in parenting skills.   Sometimes everyone around you were under-responsible, perhaps even in an altered state due to drugs of some sort. You learned to be an over-responsible, rescuer in order to keep your family functioning.

If you were to make a list of the many adaptive/survivor behaviors you could have chosen being a rescuer was probably the best choice you could have made. It helped you make the most of your situation. It not only helped you to get more needs met, it often was very helpful to the people around you. It worded well in your formative years. It doesn’t work as well in your adult relationships.

Relationships that are over/under often become stressful and sometimes end. Rescuers often become emotionally drained. The last stage of the relationship usually includes anger because you have given so much and received so little. You aren’t able to see your contribution to the problem. You have difficulty taking so even if they tried to give to you, you would have trouble receiving. For you, it is easier to give than to receive.

The system of interaction between the two people can become upset. Here are some examples. The couple have a baby and the rescuer is too busy with the baby to continue rescuing the partner. The rescuer finds a stronger identity by doing self-care (this always feels selfish to rescuers when they start becoming responsible to self instead of over-responsible). The person who is under-responsible becomes tired of being controlled and either leaves the relationship. Any one of these “upsetting-the-system behaviors” can contribute to the ending of the relationship. 

If asked, you can usually identify when the system began to change. This can be the beginning of the end of your relationship. It is possible to change within the relationship without it ending, but both parties have to have awareness plus good communication to do this. Leaving the relationship will not help rescuers to change. Instead you will probably find another person needing rescuing and create another over/under relationship.

The challenge is to change the relationship with yourself by learning to become responsible for self instead of being either over-or-under-responsible. It usually includes learning to take emotionally, instead of always emotionally giving to another. It means giving to yourself the things that you didn’t get enough of in your formative years.

Think of the wonderful things that could happen if you transformed your well-developed “giving to others part” into a “giving to yourself part.” You might find the happiness, contentment, and inner peace that you deserve. Good luck on your journey.

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Ziggy Thunder: My Top 12 Real Bi%&#3$ Guide to Managing & Coping with Stress…

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Between your day to day activities, work, the gym and happy hour, life can be a bit cray cray (for lack of better words)!  Where can you go to unwind?  What can you do to take the edge off, and just relax?  Keep reading and thank me later.

1.  Tune out… Listening to my favorite songs or artists on replay is very relaxing.  I also like those little sound scapes of the rain forest or the beach or other soothing sounds!

2.  Laugh… There’s only one real way to relieve stress.  Laugh until your stomach F’n hurts and tears are falling down your face!!!

3.  Exercise…  To deal with stress, I’ve been trying to work out! You can release all that energy into sweat, and then shower it all off!  And I heard it lets off endorphins, which make you happy!

4.  Sniff Something Sweet… It may sound weird, but I spray on my favorite perfume when I’m stressed.  Just smelling better makes me feel better!  I like Charmed Life by VS that I took from my moms closet!  She wont miss it that much!

5.  Give Yourself A Mani… Painting my nails is my go-to feel better!! I love feeling pretty.  And as Bev Knox always says LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD!  Have some extra time? Give yourself a pedi too!

6.  Playing around with my hair helps!  I love doing different styles and colors to it!  Like I said, if you’re looking good you will damn sure feel good!

7.  Write… Writing it out! Sometimes you just need to vent and lay it on paper.  It’s good to keep a journal somewhere in your room so when you’re feeling down you can transfer all those negative thoughts onto paper and be done with it!  This is one of my top ways to relieve stress.

8.  Take Some “Me” Time… Good music and time to just think about things…chill time.  Turn off your phone and get away from reality for a while!  Hey, the grass IS greener on the other side… go visist that lawn for a bit and come back to reality later!

9.  Take A Walk… If I’m ever too stressed, I like to be left alone and go for a walk.  I’ve been taking small walks around my block or to the beach and back to clear my head.  When I come back home, all those thoughts are gone and I’m feeling better!

10.  Talk It Out… If something’s really stressful, I talk to my mom or my friends about it.  I know they can’t always help fix the problem, but sometimes just talking to someone helps.

11.  READ A Book… I read with a mug of coffee, listen to music, sleep, or have chocolate. :)  It depends on my situation.  But reading always helps, it’s just a more detailed TV show!  Let your mind wander and pretend you’re in the story! (Hey! That’s what I do)!

12.  Go Offline… Get away from your social media for ONE second!  I know you are on Facebook every second of every day!  Always checking on what your friends are up too.  But sometimes you need to stop focusing on them and focus on yourself!  You’re welcome! :)

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Miley Cyrus Gone Wild! From Innocent Country Gal to BAD A$$ B!TCH!!! Haters Back Off!

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When I was younger, Hannah Montanah was my absolute favorite show!  I watched it every night at 7 and I was so happy to see what cool outfits and words of wisdom she had for me, along with I’m sure every other girl my age in America!!  And Canada, AND EUROPE!!

As I grew, Miley grew… Now, she’s no longer the cute little country gal that we all knew and loved… But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Miley now is this punk rock glam princess that I friggin’ LOVE!!!  She’s the bomb.com!

Miley has grown into herself, as all of us young women must at a point in our lives.  After watching countless interviews and reading articles about her, she is the woman she has been dying to be!  She does what she wants, and she has complete confidence in herself!  And I admire that the absolute most about her!

Many people say that Miley is going crazy, that she’s doing things she has no business doing, and being a bad influence on her younger population!!  Here’s what people don’t understand though, she’s not the same 13 year old country bumpkin she used to be!  Miley is grown and FABULOUS!  She’s living the life SHE wants to live, and she’s not living for anyone but herself.

In my opinion, Miley is doing the damn thing!  She is showing that change is OKAY!  That it’s okay to wake up one morning and cut all your hair off and dye it bleach blonde!  That it’s okay to stop singing about farm life and being a youngin’ and start singing about partying and being young and wild and free!

Miley                miley2

Miley is just like the rest of us coming of age girls, her life is just a lot more public than ours!  So who’s to say she’s Fu#$%@ up, because she’s honestly just doing the same thing your daughters, sisters, and cousins are doing.  She’s evolving, she’s growing, and she’s becoming the woman SHE wants to be! I admire and love her for that!

Miley’s confidence in herself is my favorite kick ass quality of hers!  She is so sure of herself and her decisions, so why should anyone waste their time criticizing her when she’s okay with how her life is playing out?!  I never understood why people spend so much time judging her… Last time I checked, she’s rollin’ in dough.  She’s got diamonds on each finger, and she still has a voice of gold.  So STOP hatin’ and go support her movement!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Top 10 Ways to Become More Happy. Research from David G. Myers, The Pursuit of Happiness.

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Increase Your Level of Happiness: Digested from David G. Myers, The Pursuit of Happiness (Harper). 

Happiness is… Researchers have found that Happy People Tend to:

–have high self-esteem  –be optimistic, outgoing, and agreeable  –have close friendships or a satisfying marriage  –have work and leisure that engage their skills  –have an active religious faith  –sleep well and exercise

friends2                       happy13

Want to Be Happier??  Your happiness, like your cholesterol level, is genetically influenced. Yet as cholesterol is also influenced by diet and exercise, so happiness is partly under your control (Nes, 2010). Here are some research-based suggestions for improving your mood and increasing your satisfaction with life.

  1. Realize that enduring happiness may not come from financial success. We adapt to change by adjusting our expectations. Neither wealth, nor any other circumstance we long for, will guarantee happiness.
  2. Take control of your time. Happy people feel in control of their lives.   To master your use of time, set goals and break them into daily aims. This may be frustrating at first because we all tend to overestimate how much we will accomplish in any given day. The good news is that we generally underestimate how much we can accomplish in a year, given just a little progress every day.
  3. Act Happy. People who are manipulated into a smiling expression feel better. So put on a happy face. Talk as if you feel positive self-esteem, are optimistic, and are outgoing. We can often act our way into a happier state of mind.
  4. Seek work and leisure that engage your skills. Happy people often are in a zone called flow… absorbed in tasks that challenge by don’t overwhelm them.   The most expensive forms of leisure (sitting on a yacht) often provide less flow experience than simpler forms, such as gardening, socializing, or craft work. Money also buys more happiness when spent on experiences that you can look forward to, enjoy, and remember than when spent on material stuff (Carter & Gilovich, 2010). As pundit Art Buchwald said, “The best things in life aren’t things.”
  5. Join the “movement” movement. Aerobic exercise can relieve mild depression and anxiety and it promotes health and energy. Sound minds reside in sound bodies. Off your duffs, couch potatoes!
  6. Give your body the sleep it wants.   Happy people live active lives yet reserve time for renewing sleep and solitude. Many people suffer from sleep debt, with resulting fatigue, diminished alertness, and gloomy moods.
  7. Give priority to close relationships. Intimate friendships can help you weather difficult times.   Confiding is good for soul and body. Compared with unhappy people, happy people engage in less superficial small talk and more meaningful conversations (Mehl et al., 2010). So resolve to nurture your closest relationships by not taking your loved ones for granted. This means displaying to them the sort of kindness you displaying to others, affirming them, playing together, and sharing together.
  8. Focus beyond self. Reach out to those in need. Happiness increases helpfulness (those who feel good do good). Bu doing good also makes one feel good.
  9. Count your blessings and record your gratitude. Keep a gratitude journal heightens well-being. Try pausing each day to savor good moments, and to record positive events and why they occurred. Express your gratitude to others.
  10. Nurture your spiritual self. For many people, faith provides a support community, a reason to focus beyond self, and a sense of purpose and hope. That helps explain why people active in faith communities report greater-than-average happiness and often cope well with crisis.

Does money buy happiness? NO>>> it surely helps us to avoid certain types of pain. Yet, though buying power has almost triples since the 1950’s, the average American’s reported happiness has remained almost unchanged. (Happiness data from National Opinion Research Center surveys; income data from Historical Statistics of the United States and Economic Indicators.)    


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Ziggy Thunder: Are You a Jealous Ass Girlfriend? What to do When Your Man is STILL Friends with His “Ex”

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Hey ladies, Ziggy here!  And I want to bring up a really important topic right now… What do you do when your boyfriend is still friends with he’s ex.  Should you become this crazy bitch new-girlfriend or remain cool and collective in tough situations.

Let me start by saying that being a jealous ass girlfriend is NOT cute.  I’m going to tell you a little story about what happened to me, and how I needed to keep my cool and not blow up in public acting a damn fool!  But you all know I’m not one for drama, so I keep those feelings to myself until the appropriate time.

So, I was at a dinner party with my boo Bob (names have been changed for privacy) and we were having a great time!  All of our friends were there… we were playing games, singing music to the top of our lungs, and just enjoying each others company as well as the company of everyone else.  It was all fun and dandy until his EX walked into the party.  No joke… a frickin Lifetime Movie moment!

Now, I know the ex “from around the way,” but we are not “friends” in any way.  I mean, I would just say hi whenever I see her and keep it moving.  No big deal. So it was only right to hug her and say hi (like I did to every one at the party) and chit chat with her for a little when she got there.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I’m a cool chick, I make everyone feel good!

Throughout the night though, I started to notice little low-key jabs being thrown between Bob and his ex.  She would say something slick to him that only they can understand why it’s being said (although I’m a freaking FBI agent and I can always know what’s happening).  Sometimes he would be all up on me (maybe he was just to make her jealous, or felt he had to do that to make me feel more comfortable).   But it was sooo damn annoying. Like, take that shit somewhere else!

I kept my cool though, and didn’t make a big deal about it… and didn’t attack like I wanted too. She made one little slick comment that kinda made me say “wait, what’d you say BITCH?!”   But other than that I tried my absolute hardest to not let anything affect me…and went on with my FABULOUS Self for the rest of the party.

When we left the party, immediately I addressed the issue and told him exactly why I was feeling the way I felt (cause you know I don’t play… and I couldn’t hold shit in). Plus, Bev trained my ass how to handle dating situations with style and grace!   Anyway, we talked it out and everything is remains cool between us.

But the point I’m trying to make ladies is… NOBODY likes a jealous ass girlfriend!  If I would have started drama right then and there with that girl, or him… not only would I have embarrassed myself, but I would have embarrassed my man and the whole situation would have been broadcasted to the whole party.  And that’s NOT cute.  I would have been looked at as the “Jealous Ass Girlfriend” and like I just stated, that is NOT cute!

My advice to you is:  Always keep your FABULOUS composure while you’re out.  Always have your poker face on.  Nobody should know when you two aren’t in a good spot, because that’s when people come in and try to mess shit up.  You need to be on the same page at all times, especially when you’re out in public. So if you have something to bitch about, wait until you’re in each others company (ALONE), and NOT in a loud ass party!

Hmmm, I wonder if Bev has a program for jealous ass girlfriends!   She should def talk about that in one of her mini inspirational videos!!!  If you want her to make a video about how to control your jealousy, shoot her an email Bev@BevKnox.com.   Maybe enough of us can get to her and she can make one really soon!  But you def need to check out her Dating and Relationship Boot Camp Lectures.  Frickin Amazing!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: My Review of CELEB Halloween Costumes! Hot & Sexy or Trampy & Trashy??

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I know Halloween already passed, but I wanted to write about costumes, costumes, costumes!!!  Hey, costume parties can really be held at anytime… we don’t have to wait till Halloween to get all dressed up.

Anyway, this year for Halloween, I dressed up as Natalie Portman’s Black Swan!  I had the tutu, leg warmers, and intensely dramatic makeup.  It was great!  I had a blast with my costume, and the best part was that I found everything needed to make the costume right at home. Yes bitches! I have a black tutu hanging in my closet.

A lot of celebs wore some really awesome costumes this year.  Rihanna was a teen mutant ninja turtle, the red one.  Katy Perry was a hug cheeto!  And Iggy Izaela was a “white chick” from the popular movie White Chicks with the Waynes brothers.  Everyone looked amazing, and the best part was that they were FULLY CLOTHED!

Miley Cyrus was dressed in more fabric for Halloween than every other day of the year! Same for Rihanna in that turtle costume.  I loved how they switched it up though, and was original and funny stuff.  A lot of girls now a days for Halloween just wanna wear something slutty and revealing.  I believe the quote is “Halloween is the one time a year where you can dress up like a complete slut and nobody will judge you.” Uhhh, I’m judging!

celeb     celeb1

Yes, Halloween “Dress-Up” is fun and full of life within these different costumes… but I mean come on ladies, throwing a piece of fabric on your booty is not considered a costume.  Be something people will remember, be something great!  The average witch, mouse, cat, and vampire costume is so played out!!

I was on TMZ this morning, and I saw Iggys’ pic where she was a white chick, and she ROCKED it!!  She was being funny (since Snopp posted that pic).  But she wore pretty much the same outfit as in the movie, and she even had the face and wig to go with it. She looked just like one of the sisters, I freaking love it! Go iggy!

Miley absolutely ROCKED her costume as well.  She was her god-mother, Dolly Parton.  Miley is known for parading around half naked all the time, so to see her fully clothed with a huge blonde wig was such a surprise. But I loved it!  Her costume was literally my favorite. Only because she really did look cute and like Ms. Dolly!

celeb2     celeb4

The other costume I liked the most was Katy Perry.  I mean come on. This girl was a HUGE CHEETO for goodness sake.  Can she be any cuter?!!?  She’s covered completely in head to toe in this large snack!  And she looks awesome with her little flaming hot cheetos purse in her hand. The only skin I saw was the little cut out to show her face!  You go Katy, you worked that costume 100%!

Bottom line ladies, is that Halloween is meant to be FUN, not an excuse for you to dress like a two dollar hooker. But hey, to each his own.  So if you feel like you need to wear the least amount of clothes possible to be relevant at your Halloween party, I suggest you watch Bev’s Boot Camp Lectures on Self-esteem!   You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Ziggy Thunder: Hanging Out w/ Co-workers. New Friendships & A New Environment Can Be A WONDERFUL Thing! Change is GOOD!

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Hey ladies, Ziggy here!!  And I want to tell you about the WONDERFUL night I had last night!!  Go pop some popcorn, because I swear this night came straight out of a movie.  I woulda never thought!!

Okay so it all started when a few of my coworkers wanted to go out for a few drinks after work!  Usually I’m very reserved with hanging with the people I work with, but I was like F it!  I’ll go.. Who woulda thought I’d have the time of my life and a full story to tell you lovely ladies!!

The two girls I was going with were working late that night, so I hung out at home and did my usual clean up/Netflix binge for a few hours until they got out.  I enjoy my me time, but I can’t lie… I was pretty excited to see them outside of work.  This is a first for me, hanging with these ladies.  I rarely mix business and play, but these girls are awesome! So how could I resist?!

When they finally reached my house, they came inside and we did a quick check up… Hair looking fab, makeup done to the t, butts looking good in our jeans.  You know, typical girl shit!  It was fun, I haven’t done that in a while!  I looked pretty damn cute, I must say… I wore these amazing new over the knee black boots with a cute floral black and white dress, and my accessories just threw me over the top!  I don’t wanna toot my own horn but…. toot too! LOL

When we were all ready to go, we did one final check in the mirror and then left the house with nothing but laughter and good vibes.  Tonight was going to be a good night, I thought.  I was ready for anything!  I looked good, felt good, and had nothing but good thoughts.  That’s an easy recipe for a wonderful night!  And my girls looked good too, shit… I was winning all around!

We arrived at our first spot, a little restaurant/bar in a nice upscale town.  It was so fancy and rockin’ all night!  I enjoyed everyone’s company and vibes, and we had a blast singing along with the juke box!  We ended up leaving that place though.

Because we wanted to just be young and wild and free for the night!  We ended up going downtown and running into this amazing little karaoke spot!  As much as I’m downtown with my other friends, I never saw this before!  I was excited, and when I walked in my eyes lit up like a three year old in a candy shop.  The place was full of life and good energy and loud (and pretty horrible) singing!!  It was my heaven on earth!  We got our little table in the back and listened to everyone’s turn and sung and laughed and just enjoyed each others company!

My coworkers best friends were also there, and I ended up knowing one from a while back!  So we vibed all night as well and that was a plus, because I wasn’t even expecting that!   It was nice to just chill and feel nice with someone.  He was totally great!  Because if you read my work you’ll know that people just piss me off and it takes a LOT to keep me entertained.

But he was nice and charming and I spent the entire night wondering why I never gave that a chance.  My night ended wonderfully, with yummy diner food and late night laughs, and a big ass hug!  This NEVER happens to me guys, EVER!!!  I’m NOT the mushy type!

Last night TRULY reminded me that when you change your surroundings and the people you associate with, even for one night…you get different results.  The actual definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a diff result.  So if you’re stuck with the same losers 24/7 and you’re wondering why you’re sitting in the same dive bar night after night… News Flash!!!  Change your friends. Change your setting.  Change it al!  There’s nothing wrong with change, you’ll thank me later.  You’re welcome :)

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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