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I’m watching the news and this REALLY amazing story just came on the TV.  There’s a anonymous person who’s leaving envelopes of money all over the city, and tweeting hints on how to find it!  When you find an envelope, you’re supposed to tweet the page and tell em’ you found one!  This is an awesome idea!  And a great surprise to whoever finds those envelopes!

Doing good deeds not only feels wonderful, but will benefit you in the long run.  Ever heard of karma?! Yeah, it’s real!  If you put good out into the world, good will most definitely come to you! That anonymous person who’s leaving those envelopes around will have something wonderful coming their way!

I love doing nice things for people, and I’m not just saying that to look cool on this site and gain more readers/followers. Doing little simple shit, like giving someone a ride that clearly needs it, or helping an old lady with her grocery bags, to just simply holding the door for someone who’s coming behind you… doing good just feels great!

My favorite act of kindness is probably one of the easiest things you can possibly do on this planet: complimenting others.  I’ll literally just be walking down the street and blurt out “I like your shirt” or “Your dress is super cute!”  It’s like word vomit, I can’t help it!

BUT, you don’t know that persons life… that one compliment could make their entire day! So I’d love to be the reason someone’s day is made! You don’t know what kind of day they’re having, so to throw that little compliment their way would make them super happy, I bet!

Doing good for others not only makes them feel good, but benefits you in the long run.  Feeling good for making someone else happy is a wonderful feeling!  Seeing someone smile and knowing you’re the reason it’s there is such a happy feeling.  At least for me!  I love it!

I love knowing that I’m the reason someone is happy, just because of my words or actions!  Like I said, karma is REAL! So think about that the next time you open your mouth to someone else…ever! You’ll thank me in the long run, you’re very welcome! Stay beYOUtiful.

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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“Today I don’t feel like doing anything..  I just wanna lay in my bed!  Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone.  Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything.. nothing at all!” *singing* -The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars Ladies… we all have our lazy days, and mine just so happens to be today!

It’s really shitty and gray out, and I’m in the mood to just lay down all day and cuddle with my diva-doggie Princess Miracle.  What else is there to do on a crappy day like this?!  Actually, there is a few things you can do…

Here are My Top 5 Things to Do on a Rainy Day: 

1) Clean your house.  I did this yesterday, because yesterday was shitty as well… but cleaning your house can be a really great thing to do when it’s raining! You probably put it off for days (or weeks) because it’s been so nice out. So since it’s shitty out, take this time to clean the hell out of your house! I mean your closets, wardrobe, bathroom, basement, attic…lol.   You’ll be more at peace when it’s time to lay down and enjoy your fresh and clean living space.

2)  I love to cook a really good meal when it’s rainy!  Mainly because when I’m in bed watching my TV shows… a big plate of pesto pasta sounds toooo good to believe!  Soooo, why think about it?!  Do it!  So, while I eat, and eat and eat, I get to catch up on my TV shows… Who wouldn’t want to watch a Sex & the City marathon while the rain hits your window over and over again! I personally am going to catch up on Orange is the New Black today. Because that’s my new fave show!

3)  Read a good book!  Nothing like letting your imagination run wild with the sound of natural real wind and rain in the background!  This is literally my favorite time to read a good book like 50 Shades of Grey or The Book of NOT Knowing. It’s super peaceful and a wonderful read!

4)  SLEEPING is my number one favorite thing to do when it’s raining outside!  Oh my Lawdddd, I love falling asleep to the sound of nature outside.  It feels so good! Some my disagree and say cuddling with someone special… but for me, it’s getting my sleep on!

5)  Doing something constructive such as setting life goals, charting mini objectives for each goal, and dusting off your resume’ for that upcoming promotion at your job, meditate to a positive mental state of mind, etc, etc.

Bottom line.. you can do literally everything while it’s raining out!  Who the hell said nothing can be done on a rainy day?! They’re dumb! Don’t listen to them… listen to me! You’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Rain Boot Camp

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Okay ladies, let’s get down to business!  What do we all have in common?  And I mean us ALL, no matter our schedules, age, lifestyle… we all do one thing for just a little bit of the day: Watch TV!!  We all watch TV!

But what shows catch your attention!?  What MUST you watch every week or else you feel like you missed out on the world?!  Keep reading… Here are my top 5 shows of all time:

1)  Sex & the City.  My all time favorite show!  It’s a popular show that’s about four New York women and their daily lives. From friendships to relationships to partying and sex, from work to play, this show is never dull and always has me at the edge of my seat!  I love Carrie, I swear I AM Carrie Bradshaw! 

2)  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Oh Lord!  I’m laughing just typing the name out!  I’m actually watching this hilarious show right now!  Always a good laugh! I watch it every night at midnight! It’s about this dude from Philly who moves to his aunts house in Bel-Air and is forced to live a totally different lifestyle!  It’s hilarious. I freaking love it!

3)  Love and Hip Hop.  Yes, I know.. I’m ratchet for even watching this show!  But I don’t care!  I love it!  It’s about the drama that goes down in the Urban Music life.

4)  Animal Planet.  I know, how nerdy!  But I love me some animals!  I love learning about different types of animals on our lovely green planet!  My favorite is def the female lion!

5)  Faking It.  Now this show’s got spunk!  It’s about two best friends who mistakenly get known for being the only lesbians in their high school… then they get popular because of it!  They don’t really like girls though, until one of them starts to get feelings that aren’t fake!  I really like this show, it’s a must-seeeee!

What do you guys usually watch?!  What kind of shows keep you entertained?!  Shoot me an email or blog with me… I’d love to know!!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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No matter what age, the question still remains the same.. what is it ALL about!?  What is my life purpose?  Am I in the right career path?  At some point in life everyone stops and wonders if what they’re doing is right for them.

Figuring out what piece of that puzzle you are in, and creating that big picture in your head, is the hardest part of it all. People forget that our wants and needs change as we get older and evolve.  Bev is always saying that we go through life seasons, and that it is ok to evaluate yourself every now and then to make sure you are heading in the right direction.   I see it like this, as we age, it’s okay to take a second to reevaluate ourselves like we take our car for a routine check up (and then tune up).

The key is this to understand that asking the question “what is it all about” doesn’t mean you’re lost…but that you are getting smarter, growing up, getting more enlightened, more sophisticated, and that is so sexy!  Reevaluating oneself is not a set back or a pause…but a break to move forward!

WOW! Those words are DEEP!  But oh so lovely to my ears… I love to hear words of wisdom like this, and from people who are on the same level in life as me and above.  Positive words spit out like that are what you need to hear all day, every day.  From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, you should have positive words and images flowing in your mind.

You are what you think about day in and day out.  This is what a friend said to me some years back.  Of course I hear Bev preaching this in her positive mindset lectures.   So if you have someone in your life that you can get that from, take advantage of it!  Because you don’t always hear that often.  Those words were written randomly in a notebook in my room by one of my friends a few minutes ago… I literally HAD to copy it and let you ladies read it!  Take a second and re-read it again… I wanna know what you think about it.

Bottom line, Bev’s advice is: it is always a good idea to reevaluate your life and your goals. If you want to change your path to a better one, do it! If you want to change you career, do it! If you want to change your environment, do it! Just be happy and live Your Most FABULOUS Life!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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Career Change

Relationship Detox Valentines Day


What is a Relationship Detox?

A Relationship Detox is when you press the pause button on all toxic relationships in your life. You STOP Dating, you STOP Hanging out with Toxic Negative Friends, and You STOP thinking about how other people WILL make you Happy.

Detoxifying allows you to get your life into perspective and take charge of your mindset, emotions and responsibility to yourself.   In order to be a worthy partner to a worthy partner, you need to love YOURSELF first. You need to take responsibility for your habits and actions that lead to engrained habitual behaviors that keep you stuck in a never-ending cycle of unhealthy relationships.

The type of relationship that we are focusing on in this program, is Dating Relationships. Other types of relationships can include: parents, children, siblings, other extended family members, friends to include long-term childhood friendships, co-workers, and other people that you interact with in some kind of way.

The length of the Relationship Detox depends of the length of time you spent in the relationship you are detoxifying from.   Some systems are created for 30, 60, or 90 days, whereas others are created for 1, 2 or 5 years. This is a 30-day highly intensive program that will work best with motivated individuals that is committed to positive change.

Why do I need a Relationship Detox?

A Dating Detox is needed when:

  • You (the person needing the detox) feels lost when not in a dating relationship.
  • You tend to date the same type of person, over and over, just in a different body.
  • You tend to hope and wish that the person you are dating will automatically change from being who they are, into someone you wish they were.
  • At the ending of most of your past relationships, you tend to break-up then make-up then break-up again several times, before ending that relationship.
  • When you first start dating someone new, you tend to imagine being married to that person by the second or third date.
  • You usually go on dates with everyone who asks you out.
  • You tend to remain friends with your ex-boyfriends hoping one day they will see the light and come back to you a changed man.
  • When not in a relationship, you feel lonely and begin to think that there is something wrong with you.
  • You tend to view yourself as “less than” if you don’t have the label/title “girlfriend” and the like.
  • You make excuses for inappropriate behaviors from the person you are dating, just to avoid breaking up with them, and yet again, being alone.
  • You view major red flags as minor annoyances that everybody goes through.

When should I get a Relationship Detox?

You should decide to commit to a Relationship Detox as soon as you recognize that you have a problem (which is now). You also need to be extremely “Sick-and-Tired” of being “Sick-and-Tired” with your dating habits and behaviors. The sooner you start detoxifying, the sooner the healing process begins.

How & Where can I get a Relationship Detox?

There are many programs that you can take that will assist you in your journey. However, we hope that you register for our program today, and allow us to partner with you in your wellness and positive future focus endeavors.

Bev Knox 30-Day Relationship Detox  is a 4 week program consisting of intensive interactive lectures and step-by-step personal development coaching. You will have One-on-One Coaching with Bev Knox, Ph.D. as part of this program.

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Ladies, if you’re anything like me… I know ya’ll like to go out and enjoy life outside of your bedroom!  Dinner, movies, clubbing, the whole nine.  But when you’re financially not all the way there (where ever there is..), who says you still can’t do these fun and exciting things?  It’s not that you’re doing it, but how you’re going about it.. Keep reading and learn how to save lot’s of money!

1)  One of my favorite cheaper activities is $5 Tuesdays at the movies!  All day movies are only $5, instead of the usual $11.50!  I know it’s only like a $6.50 difference, but money is money!  That extra bucks could go towards expensive theater popcorn and candy!  They also have matenee` prices, which is like $6 before a certain time I think, every day!  That’s helpful too! I mean just look at it like this, why pay one price when you can pay nearly half that price to go a little bit earlier…

2)  Happy hour is a big money saver!  Beers that are usually around $5 can range from less than to half that price during happy hour!  Happy hour is usually earlier in the day, like until 7 or so.  But if you’re stressed and money is tight, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a drink or two a little earlier than planned.

3)  Another wonderful sales day is Buffalo Wild Wings… they have 55cent traditional wings Tuesdays, and 60cent boneless wings Thursdays! I usually order a water with lemon when I go out to eat, and that’s free (and healthy and makes your skin glow, you’re welcome!!)… so my bill is always like $4 and some change. You can’t beat that!

4, 5, 6, etc…) And there are so many other FREE things that you can do without spending any money!  Hanging out with friends… the beach, the park, the mall (window shopping), going for a walk, bike rides, and so on and so on… you get the picture.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that there are ways to go out and still have some money in your purse when you get home!  YEAH!!!  There’s always a way to save money, you just have to do a little research!  You’ll thank me later, you’re welcome!

Until next time ladies, Stay beautiful. Stay positive. Stay YOU!


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I found a great article on CNN written By Pepper Schwartz that I thought you all would enjoy.  Women are marrying at a later age these days, cohabiting with their partners or going in and out of short-term relationships without ever walking down the aisle.

Currently, 53% of women over 18 are in the singles column. Put another way, women now have choices that allow them to customize the arc of their lives and some of them find that it is best for them to put marriage aside.  Is this natural? Is this bad? Is this cause for alarm?

We have long counted on women’s sacrifices and the compromises they’ve made to lift societies all over the world. We are worried that if women delay or forgo marriage, the all-important family unit will suffer.

As much as I admire happy couples and families, I think this may be one of the few times in history when so many women could choose from such a full range of life choices without penalty or stigma. Since few people “have it all,” why not choose being single if that’s the best option?

What it comes down to is people get married when it’s a good deal. The question is why isn’t marriage a good deal anymore? Here are some considerations.

1. A useless husband

If a woman is poor and only meets equally poor or poorer men, she’s in a tough spot. It is no secret that many women do not choose to marry if the available partners will make their economic situation worse.

In some of these cases, even if a woman has a child, she may be better off with government help than a nonworking, noninvolved husband.

Read the full article HERE!


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